Essay Sample on Three Teacher Interactions That Support Language Acquisition in thu video

Published: 2023-03-20
Essay Sample on Three Teacher Interactions That Support Language Acquisition in thu video
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Language acquisition is the process by which children learn a language. There is the first language acquisition where children are able to learn their native language and the second acquisition where they learn another language that is foreign. The teachers in the video used social interactions between the children who were very present. The teachers encouraged the children to express their feelings, they did that in various ways, but one example is when the teacher asked the children to hug and tell each other something. The children, by doing this, are able to express their feelings towards each other. The children are taught to show love to each other. The teachers are also seen to facilitate conversation during play. The children are asked by the teacher to explain every happening during a play session. An example is when the teacher asks a child how many bubbles were produced when playing the bubble game. The teachers had a constructive conversation during the playing sessions, which helped them to learn about the children's knowledge and understanding. The teachers also discussed the appropriate behavior to the children. The children were taught by the teacher using illustrations and examples of what was supposed to be the right behavior (Ncrlap, 2011). The teacher asked the children what they knew about every situation and later explain clearly to them what was supposed to be done. The teachers also helped the children to resolute conflicts amongst themselves. The children were taught to work together and how they should accomplish that. They were taught the importance of sharing. The teachers taught the children how to react to every situation that happens between them. They were taught on occasions that they should say sorry, thank you, and welcome. The use of language that was used by the teachers in this video helps in reinforcing skills. They help in facilitating positive interactions between the children which in turn boosts their confidence.

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Two Physical Environments Shown in the Video That May Support Language Acquisition

The teachers used physical environments in the video that supports language acquisition in the children. A teacher asks questions that promote reasoning among the children. A teacher used a fountain pen to make up letters that he asked the children what letter was made. The teacher also gives the children a chance to create letters with the same pen. Another physical environment is by encouraging the children to describe their problem-solving. Different types of things were put together by there are different colored containers. The teachers have one or two containers with each container having the same type of objects. The children are then asked to fill the other containers where they are able to understand that each container was meant for a certain object, and they are not supposed to mix. The teachers during this process ask the children the reason why each container has different items (Ncrlap, 2011). The questions help in developing the skills of the children to solve problems. The environments also increase the ability of the children to think or reason.

One Experience or Interaction That Needs Refinement

During the process where the teachers help the children to describe their problem-solving, they are only asked to copy what the teacher has already done. The children should be asked to showcase their creative of problem-solving (Ncrlap, 2011). The teacher should ask the children to be creative on problem-solving after giving an example but not always following what the teacher has already done because. By doing that the skills of the children will be more improved.


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