The Life of Teenagers - Free Essay Sample

Published: 2023-01-08
The Life of Teenagers - Free Essay Sample
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One adage goes that "Time and tide waits for no man." The moment one stage of life is experienced, it never comes back again. Being a teenager is one of the most critical stages of a human being. Although this is a stage that many enjoy, it also comes with its share of difficulties. While there are many who waste their teenage years, others use this time properly to build a strong foundation for their future. This paper will look at the hardest, and best parts of being a teenager.

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Hardest Part of Being a Teenager

One of the hardest parts of being a teenager is that one is trying to cope with a body that is changing rapidly. These changes are new to the person and sometimes they can be irritating. Some of the hormonal changes may lead to abrupt increase or decrease in the body size and weight, change of the facial appearance, and sometimes the change of voice (Kutner, 1997). All these changes come unexpectedly, and since they are new to the person, they come with a lot of discomfort. Teenagers are also very social people who want to interact with their peers. It becomes difficult for a teenager to be able to choose the right friends to interact with. Some teenagers want to associate with a certain group, but they face rejection. All these experiences may lead a teenager to conclude that the teenage years are usually the worst for one's life.

Best Part of Being a Teenager

The best part of a teenager is that this is the time that a person is filled with energy and vitality. This trait allows them to conquer the world, gain wisdom, and knowledge, and experience new insights. Thus, this can be termed as the discovery age where a person gets to understand his or her life, and set proper steps to ensure that he or she builds their future. At this age still, teenagers can challenge themselves to try new things such as music lessons, sporting activities, and pursuing academic excellence (Kutner, 1997). This is possible because teenagers do not have financial burdens to pull them back.

Advice to a Teenage Friend

Teenagers can make the best out of this stage if they receive proper advice. Assuming that teenagers listen to me, I would advise them to dedicate their energy to doing what is right, and setting the foundation for a better future. I would also make them aware of the likely body changes so that when they experience them, they do not get surprised or irritated. I would also advise teenagers to develop a program so that they can control their busy schedules. They should ensure that things like studies and interaction with their parents are given more time than the recreational activities. Spending a lot of time studying will ensure that they excel in their academics and secure a better future.


By and large, teenage years are a mixture of bad and good experiences. These experiences differ from one person to the other. When used properly, this is the stage that can propel one to a better, and promising future. The teenagers need to be guided well, and advised accordingly so that they can embrace the beauty of their teenage while still setting a foundation for their future.


Kutner, L. (1997). Making sense of your teenager. New York: William Morrow and Co.

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