Essay Example. Philosophies of Morality

Published: 2023-10-29
Essay Example. Philosophies of Morality
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Moral philosophy is a philosophical discipline that considers or contemplates what is wrong or right. Philosophies of morality seek to understand the nature of ethical codes and morality at large as well as examine how individual society members should lead their lives and coexist peacefully with others in the society (Rosenstand, 2012). Moral philosophy also tries to define what is the true meaning of morality before deciding what is right or wrong. In this paper, I will define my moral philosophy using the utilitarianism theory

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My Moral Philosophy

If given a chance to shape morality and develop my ideal society, my moral philosophy would focus on attaining the greater good. I would design a less chaotic society by appealing to people who need to be morally ethical by doing what is right for society's greater good. In my fantasy world, I believe that there is a way to model our societies and transform them into better states. Shaping a rational society to understand my moral philosophy, which is the attainment of the greater good, is not easy. My moral philosophy, which is doing good for the greater good of society, would have to be taught to every child because children grow by learning, which they pick consciously and unconsciously. If every single citizen had the same idea, same goal, and equal motivation, transforming society to its best state could be less challenging. I also believe that if the community improves its best version, it is to the benefit of every individual, regardless of one’s class.

Different scholars such as Socrates, Kent, Plato, and Aristotle have come up with different theories to define morality. Each theory holds its advantages and disadvantages, but after reviewing my moral philosophy utilitarianism theory by Bentham and Mill. The utilitarianism theory argues that the best ethical decisions are fair and just, as well as the ones that benefit the majority (Rosenstand, 2012). Utilitarianism theory argues that the importance of morality in any society is to make life happy and pleasurable, and in return, it decreases pain and chaos. This principle would also guide my philosophy despite its inability to predict the future or consequences; however, it would help people be more aware of the need to be good and offer happiness as it has more feedback that is positive for the greater good of the society. To address this, I believe every person has a conscience, and therefore, everyone can think and reason. The theory of deontology states that every individual is defined by their ability to reason (Rosenstand, 2012). Therefore, every person should think and reason before doing anything since the actions of every single member directly mold society. The human ability to reason gives every individual a chance to identify the wrong from the right, making utilitarianism achievable. With a shared vision and the capacity to think and reason, the community can develop wholly, thereby benefiting everyone.

In other aspects of life, such as how to treat others, my moral philosophy would be to treat others with ultimate respect and not use colleagues or friends as a means to an end (Rosenstand, 2012). Every action should be out of goodwill with no ill intention. Any action should be justifiably done to give more people happiness. Since I believe respect should be mutual, one should only respect those who respect them regardless of the consequences. Every human has equal rights, and therefore people should treat others as they would like to be treated.

In attitude and business practices, I believe that everyone should be compensated for their work or effort no matter how small or big. To ensure fairness, those who acquire resources illegally or by not working for them should handle severe consequences. For example, assume all unethical practices in business and administration were investigated, and everyone found guilty was charged. Harsh consequences would put fear into others, preventing them from making selfish decisions.

On the issue of parenting, my philosophy would focus on modern parenting. Parents and guardians are responsible for their young ones' intellectual, physical, social, and emotional development. Most traditional parents abandon their kids' emotional psychological and social progress, concentrating only on the physical and intellectual part of growth. Parents should be responsible for their children’s mental health by developing stronger relationships as well as their social life, like making friends. On matters of community service, my philosophy believes in the betterment of society for everyone’s benefit. Therefore, every individual should use their skills or trade for community service, which will, as a result, improve the community.


Philosophies of morality try to define what is wrong or right by exploring how society members should live and coexist. My opinion of morality focuses on benefiting the majority and using reasoning to predict future consequences. An ideal society can be achieved if everyone has a common goal and motivation, benefiting everyone.

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