Essay Sample on Employees Motivation as a Means of Enhancing Staff Performance at EOA Savannah

Published: 2023-11-03
Essay Sample on Employees Motivation as a Means of Enhancing Staff Performance at EOA Savannah
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This project focuses on the impact of the perspective of Human Resources Managers motivating employees as a means of job satisfaction and employee motivation at Non-Profit Organizations in Savannah and surrounding areas. According to Survey Monkey, 2019 40% of employees are not motivated or unhappy with their jobs in nonprofit organizations throughout Savannah and surrounding areas. In another study, the researchers found that the performance and productivity of motivated employees were significantly higher than that of employees who were not motivated. In this case, 60% of the company’s productivity was contributed by the employees who were motivated. By focusing on how important it is to have job satisfaction and motivated employees, this project will analyze and review the need for HRM to address employee motivation. Employees’ motivation enhances effective staff performance among workers and subsequently fosters productivity within an organization.

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Capstone Topic (NP, but moving close to Basic)

My area of specialization is the Human Resource Management (HRM). Fundamentally, the HRM emphasizes on the knowledge and skills needed to address a broad number of issues within the field of the HRM. These are issues that affect the wellbeing of the employees as well as those that affect the overall performance of the organization. I will be able to evaluate numerus corrective concepts and HRM strategies and procedures for creating flexible and advanced settings in the 21st century’s global workplace. Undeniably, the HRM specialization focuses on key issues related to drawing, creating, and retaining a worldwide workforce. The coursework addresses various demographic and cultural perceptions, the influence of new technologies on the workplace, and the impact of the dynamic external work environment on human resource management practices (Capella, 2020).

Productivity within an organization can be related to the level of employees’ satisfaction (Reizer et al. 2019). This kind of satisfaction comes because of the motivational factors implemented by the organization. Resolving low employee motivation and job satisfaction have proven to increase productivity amongst many organizations (Stepitup Savannah, 2020). Here are some results one could encounter after improving the issues of employee satisfaction and motivation; improved productivity, everyone works well, Individuals perform better, reduced number of leave days, and higher attention to detail (Ciobanu et al. 2019)

The project aligns with my specialization because my focus is in the realm of HRM. I have a tremendous interests regarding how organisations employ people, train them, compensate them and consequently develop the policies that relates to them. The various demographic and cultural perceptions, the influence of new technologies on the workplace, and the impact of the dynamic external work environment on HRM Practices (Capella, 2020). Employee performance forms an integral component of the HRM. The performance in this case takes a deeper look into how organizations can effectively manage their employees and increase productive through the lens of the Human Resource Department or management. HRM comes with many different components, however finding out what one can specialize specifically can become mis-leading. In this project one has decided to focus on employee motivation and job satisfaction. Having engaging employees that will increase customer service and productively is an asset to any company. Because this project will help one to understand the importance of employee motivation and job satisfaction, it aligns with my specialization in Human Resource Management. HRM is the driver of ensuring employees are engaged and satisfied.

Problem of Practice (NP)

Employee job satisfaction and motivation is a significant problem in many organizations. According to Thiefels, 2020 no work life balance, lack of recognition, and no growth opportunities are ways employee motivation and morale decreases. The general business problem is low employee job satisfaction and motivation may result in poor work performance and job productively (Ciobanu et al. 2019). Individuals can get complacent in their roles if they do not feel challenged or do not feel there are opportunities for growth within the company. This leads to a lack of motivation, decreased performance, and in many cases, employee turnaround. Most hard-working employees are intrinsically motivated, but they still need to feel valued and appreciated in the workplace says. When surveying a nonprofit organization in Savannah 30% of their employees have become unmotivated or not satisfied with their job. They state having a solid work life balance can increase employee morale and motivation (Survey Monkey, 2019). To embrace employee work life balance, one must reframe from burning out employees by guaranteeing that they’re not only meeting their goals at work but, that they also have the time and strength to meet their individual goals, according to Critical Metrics ((Thiefels, 2020).

The Specific business problem is that Non-Profit organization HRM’s have seen a significant decline in employee motivation, resulting in low productivity, poor customer satisfaction and low work performance (Enrichment, 2020). HRM’s must be able to take these underling issues channel in on the need of improvement in the organization.

Non-Profit organizations have served the community of Savannah and surrounding areas for fifty years. Slowing productivity will effective the way these organizations demonstrates excellent community services. With slow productivity and lack of job satisfaction, the community nonprofit organizations serve in Savannah will continue to suffers from poverty. While more than a quarter of Savannah’s residents live in poverty, that percentage jumps to 50% and higher in some neighborhoods. Such high rates have persisted for more than 30 years. Currently this is poverty threshold for a family of four (Step it up Savannah, 2020). If the employees of are Non-profit Organizations are not motivated to come to work and preform at the highest level to reach the community, the community will continue to lose the battle against poverty. This project will be investigating how motivation will be used as factor to enhance performance and job satisfaction amongst the nonprofits organizations employees. Within the highly competitive environment, organizations regularly subjected to tremendous pressure to retain their workforce. Studies have shown that highly skilled employees are an asset for any organization (Ali et al., 2016).

Purpose of the Project (NP)

The purpose of this qualitative inquiry is to explore the perspectives of Human Resource Managers who have experienced demotivation within their organization, they may have good insights into how to overcome employee motivation and productivity. By HRM’s reviewing employee satisfaction, one will believe that it will enhance the staff performance and job productivity among Non-Profit Organizations. The research will be based in Savannah Georgia and surrounding areas.

Project Need (NP)

The need for this project is to address HRM’s need to address employee motivation and job satisfaction. Addressing employee motivation can essentially increase employee motivation and morale, which drives productivity. Motivation generally drives the behaviors of individual’s aspects, either in the workforce or personal responsibility. Nevertheless, it is the internal feelings that makes a person become encouraged to take part in a specific goal or project. By motivating employees, they may realize that their output is explored and given value. They may also realize how important their output is to the community. By understanding the importance of motivation and productivity, employees may enhance their performance and continue to drive EOA’s fight on poverty in the community and surrounding areas.

Project question(s)

  1. PQ1: What are the perspectives of NPO HR managers regarding improving employee motivation resulting in increased organizational performance?
  2. PQ2: What the perspectives of NPO HR managers regarding improving employee motivation resulting in increased employee productivity?

Project Justification (NP)

The objective of this project is to show the gap between HRM’s and demotivated employees within nonprofit organization in Savannah Ga and surrounding areas. According to Enrichment, 2020 there’s demand for HRM’s to address employee motivation and job satisfaction.

HRM’s should be able to identify the needs to promote job satisfaction among employees in an organization. Essentially, employees form an important part of any organization. Without motivation employees, companies are unlikely to succeed because of lack of motivation and job satisfaction. A huge gap exists between HRM’s and the state of employees concerning job satisfaction and motivation. Studies have shown that HRM’s attempts to lower the gap through motivation, Tend to have better productivity and satisfied employees. Bob Nelson, 2019 states, Employee motivation is a critical aspect at the workplace which leads to the performance of the department and even the company. Motivating your employees needs to be a regular routine.

In organizations where HRM’s have motivated employee, they have seen minimal rates of unrests and increased job satisfaction (Ali, 2016). Consequently, HRM’s realizes with increased motivation and Job satisfaction it have increase their profit margins and the cost of production is reduced based on the fact that no resources are used unnecessarily to mediate on associated issues. Therefore, there is a need to research the impact of motivation on employee performance because a motivated workforce will demonstrate an increased tendency to work, thus improving productivity.

Project Context: Company or Industry (NP)

The project context will help nonprofit organizations serve their impoverish community. This project will impact HRM, employees, as well other businesses. It will do this by showing the importance of employee motivation and job satisfaction. The context in the project will show how HRM’s motivation drives productivity, also helping with employee job satisfaction. By reaching enhanced motivation it will help serve the business or organization well.


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