Free Essay Example: Limitation and Obstacles

Published: 2023-01-13
Free Essay Example: Limitation and Obstacles
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Angelina Grimke

Limitations and obstacles

Angelina and Sarah are two sisters who are staunch abolitionists pursuing to tackle the unethical acts of slavery. In the year 1848, Angelina was attacked by several Protestants in a hall in Pennsylvania Hall. Angelina together with her sister Sara was amongst the early writers to advocate for the rights of women in spite of her dedication to denouncing slavery. As an author, Angelina tries to mobilize the public to reconsider their stance on the unethical work of slavery ("Famous Speech Friday: Angelina Grimke's 1838 speech at Pennsylvania Hall," 2016). She is longing for the public to cast out the slavery spirits that strongly deepen and embedded in their hearts. Also, she believes that great men of the nation shall work together to work on having a better nation free from slavery. In fact, she is very much convinced that the church seems confused to denounce slavery issues ("Angelina Grimke Weld's speech at Pennsylvania Hall 1838, "Additionally, she claims that God can devise to use lesser men to deliberate the nation from slavery irrespective of the position of the church.

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The use of a rising tone in asking a question such as "What is a mob?" is effectively used by the speaker to create awareness of what a mob can do.

Lesson Learnt

In my view, I have learned that slavery never makes anyone happy. In fact, I agree with the writer that there is a distinct difference between happiness and mirth, and thus, slavery is mirth. I also concur with the author that everyone has a role to play in combating slavery.

Isabella Baumfree

Limitations and obstacles

In the year 1815, having been raised as a slave and faced the turmoil of life, Isabella finally fell in love with Robert who was also a slave. In spite of their ever-growing love, they are forced to separate by Robert master. ("Sojourner Truth: Ain't I A Woman? (U.S. National Park Service)," 2017). Additionally, she is then forced to marry a fellow slave Thomas.

The statement she uses such as "look at my hand" is a form of gesture that keeps an eye-contact with the audience. She uses this statement to engage her audience will fight for the rights of African American women.

Lesson learned

From Isabella's speech "Aint I a Woman", I have been able to learn that it is not good to underestimate women in society. In fact, I have been moved by her statement that even Christ was born of a woman. Also, I have learned that people should be treated equally regardless of gender, age, social class, and race. These lessons are not only critically crucial in my professional life but also other people's lives.

Dombey and Son

The chapter introduces various characters who lives intersect as the novel progresses. The theme such as family dynamics is clear outline in this context. A character called Dombey is able to provide for his children economic advantages and higher rank of social standing. In his thinking, he deems his children as a showcase of his personal ego. Additionally, he even claims that his infant son is the potential heir to drive forth his family legacy. Notably, he is quite jealous of Florence. The novel also brings into the attention of the Toodle family who depends on the income of Dombey despite the fact that they are economically straits as compared to Dombey typifying a greater love.

Dombey in this novel is a character associated as a London merchant. For over twenty years, they have been working in Dombey and Son firm where they amassed a lot of wealth. After ten years of marriage, Mr. Dombey finally gets a son and his happiness is revealed in spite of the demise of her wife. He even lost her second wife because of her business approach in the relationship. AS things become hostile, he senses that the challenges are brought up by what he had deemed as strength which is indomitability. This makes him love her daughter after mistreating her for very long. This shows the status in London during the realism period, how women were treated and were not able to inherit anything.

Dicken in his approach on modernity reveals a passage of experiences of London lives in which there is a clash with the traditional hierarchy. Dicken claims that in the urban lives the needs of the people clashes with integrity. Literary realism refers to the period that emerged as a result of realism reaction, and romanticism' emotionalism and sentimentality. This literary period began in the year 1850 in France with a writer such as Flaubert ("What literary devices and techniques does Dickens use to explore modernity and realism in Our Mutual Friend?,"). Commonly, it is viewed as a Victorian Period. Therefore, his claim is that realism is a description of oppressive darkness, bleak, grim lying in different urban lives level. Also, he uses in his novel techniques and element especially imagery as literary devices. The element used in narrative fiction dictates the tone, theme, character, point of view, plot, and setting. While the use of the techniques comprises of literary and rhetorical convection, he uses to develop the mood and the tone.

I have learned that people should show professional integrity as well as personal integrity to avoid unethical behaviors in urban lives. I have also learned that people should be treated equally to foster economic growth.


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