Persuasive Book Review Essay Sample - Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

Published: 2020-03-30
Persuasive Book Review Essay Sample - Great Expectations by Charles Dickens
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I salute everyone in the gathering with an evidential proof that together we shall benefit from todays occasion. The main agenda is to give a brief on the importance of the novel Great Expectation, a handwork of Charles Dickens. This novel impressed me dearly and I could not afford to be such egocentric to deny my fellow friends the benefits I got. It is true that the novel was written some time back, but I believe its helpful resource content is still live. According to different themes in the novel, Charles work can still be considered paramount to the modern world. Among the themes in the novel are not restricted to social class and love as lots of expectations are geared to the two.

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The novel is set at Victorian society in which its members enjoys equity regardless of the social class of an individual (Anderson, 2000). It is true that from our modern societies, financial and social classes are seen to intertwine together such that there is no way a rich class person will be the same as the poor chaps in that same society. The novel encounters almost all the social lives we see in our societies. Charles evidentially demonstrated likes of Magwitch a criminal, Joy and Biddy, who comes from a very humble background, Pumblechook who is among the middle class members of the society as well as the likes of Miss Havisham, the rich. All these classes we see in our society a proof that this novel is crucial in our lives.

As usual, our societies are made of people who are optimistic about the good lives they see, but due to lack of information on how to obtain such valuable resources, they get stuck on the way. Remember my dear friends, such people are evidenced in the novel, making it so much relevant to the todays society. Charles talked of Pip as one of those people who not only admires the lives of others, but also have great expectations on achieving such lives ('Book Review. Great Expectations Charles Dickens', 2001). Pip wants to be like Miss Havisham, in addition, he states that his down fall comes from how Joe was brought up. In addition, education has been realized to be the tool to fight poverty in the modern world. Through the novel, you will realize that Pip would only be worth Stella when he gets the relevant education as she and I quote from the novel, It is important that one must be educated to enjoy the advantage in life."

As I had said, in our modern societies, it is difficult for the poor to match the rich class. This is a social factor that affects societies at length. In this wonderful work of Charles, he makes the character Pip unsettled on Joes arrival at London, also he get so much frustrated with the changing lifestyle of Joe. As much as Joe commences a luxurious life, he also pity Pips new social class. It is therefore evidenced that life is cyclic and sometimes both positive and negative transitions may be encountered. Joe says that one mans a blacksmith, and ones a whitesmith, must be met as they come.

As much as social status may be of much weight, it is evidential that it cannot supersede love, loyalty and affection. As the case in our normal societies, Charles demonstrated in the novel by bringing a very crucial transition in the lives of characters. Pip transcended from a well off life to poverty, regardless of how he may vie Joes life with a lot of pity and hatred, it is Joe who paid off his debts, apologizes for mistreat from her wife and most importantly brought him back to his initial financial status ('Book Review. Great Expectations Charles Dickens', 2001). Joy says that they were friend with Pip and there is no harm when they go for a ride indicating the essence of love. As you can see, Pips life was mostly based on the great expectations that he realizes would be possible through the love and support of friend and family.

My fellow friend, it is true that the people we meet in our day to day lives can deter our future lives. Some will lead us to prosperities and still other will bring us down. According to Charles, Pip realizes his expectation from the likes of Joe and Biddy while people like Miss Havisham, Estella, Bentley Drummle and Uncle Pumplechook significantly have poor excuses for human beings. Therefore, with love and support, all expectations are valid.

In conclusion, my fellow friend, I have to admit to you that this book truly has great expectation to each and every one of us in the gathering. In addition to other underlying important themes that are found in the book, I greatly encourage the use of this book at depth. Furthermore, the issues that are discussed in Charles work are the same issues that we experience and a staunched solution can be gotten when you read this novel. Pips story in the novel reveals everything about the great expectations that relies on love and the society among others. My dear friends thank you for listening and I wish you all the best as you make attempt to reading this book.


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