Essay Sample on Driving and Texting Affection

Published: 2019-12-02
Essay Sample on Driving and Texting Affection
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Texting while driving has been a major problem in many nations globally. The issue has always been attributed to the many deaths that people experience on the roads due to accidents. In fact, many drivers often ignore the dangers of texting while driving. Such drivers often see no harm in receiving calls and sending messages via mobile phones as they are driving. Considering the numerous dangers that are associated with texting while driving, many countries today have outlawed the issue and have active penalties for drivers who have been marked or caught while perpetrating the act. Texting is classified as a manual distraction, as it occurs when one moves his or her hands from the task of controlling a moving vehicle to the holding a mobile phone. An alarming number of traffic accidents are linked to distractive driving caused by cell phones. Given below is my first-hand experience with the bad habit of texting while driving.

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Driving and texting resulted in the death of one of my best friends named Johnny. The habit started when he bought a new smartphone. He became addicted to texting and browsing on the network. He ended up picking and replying text even when driving on busy highways. The nom trended in his daily activity despite the numerous warnings from his parents to stop using his phone while driving. One afternoon about five years ago was the last day I saw Johnny, my friend. The weather was fresh and bearable for having fun. After consulting one another on the place to spend our weekend afternoon, we both agreed to visit a sports ground. There was a regional rugby match hosted in the stadium. The distance was miles away, and over the streets side, we had to pass through the busy town to get to the sports ground.

Jonny was to pick their family vehicle to provide a means transport to the occasion. I had no choice but to board the Toyota Mark X brand. I reminded Johnny of the importance of focusing on the driving task and avoiding his phone as we were nearing the town where the occasion was to be held. We drove towards the doorway and took the path to the streets. The road in the city was a two-way traffic road. Loud music took the day as we approach the central town.

Unfortunably, the driving and texting affection took the centerstage since Johnny began replying messages from some our friends who were already at the location of the event. What is worse, the car was moving at a high speed on the highway while the Johnny seemed unworried of the speed and the texting behavior. All of a sudden, we fatally crushed onto an oncoming lorry. I can only remember some good Samaritans removing us out of the rolled vehicle from the windshield. I was in a coma and with some minor injuries. In fact, the doctors could not believe that I survived the accident while Johnny was no more. He got internal injuries, which caused internal bleeding. The uncontrollable bleeding resulted in his death after a single night in the hospital.

Through the loss of my friend as a result of texting while driving, I have come to realize that it is dangerous to text while driving. The experience was tough on my side as I lost a friend I had known since childhood. For that reason, people who are driving should always observe road-safety rules. It makes no sense to text while driving since it could lead to a loss of life. I believe drivers should be keen while driving and avoid the distractions caused by phone calls of messages.

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