Straight Outta Campton Movie Review, Essay Sample for Students

Published: 2022-09-28
Straight Outta Campton Movie Review, Essay Sample for Students
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The movie Straight Outta Campton highlights the horrors of the drug world that manifests immediately the film begins. The first scene starts with Easy-E running away from a police raid in his block that barely leaves him alive. Drug business comes with many risks, including drive-by shootouts in gang rivalry as they fight for control of territory or repel the police. This paper analyses the movie Outta Straight of Campton for its themes such as drugs and gang violence.

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The struggle of Dr. Dre trying to convince his mother in the second scene highlights the issue of parental control over their children. Dr. Dre feels his D.J career that pays US$50 a night passes as a good job, but his mother thinks otherwise. The ensuing disagreement leads to the departure of Dr. Dre, which saddens his little brother T. Conflict between parents and their children over career options manifests in the film, demonstrating the reality that parents have not yet embraced non-white collar jobs as employment alternatives. Suffice to conclude that upcoming rap artists get into conflict with their parents who have a negative perception about the music industry.

Music, drugs and gang membership have a close association. The third scene begins with Ice Cube writing some musical rhymes on the school bus, and at the same time, other kids appear and start flashing gang signs when 'guys' board the bus and order around the occupants of the van. Rap music has a close association with drugs and gang membership, which explains the origin of the title gangster rap. The scene captures all three elements at the same time to depict their close association. In general, music rap, drugs, and gangster lifestyle depend on each other.

Easy-E bails Dr. Dre out of jail when he is arrested, and Dr. Dre suggests to him that they drop the drug business and embrace their DJ careers. Most rappers have a background of drugs, and when they reform, they turn to rap music and tell their stories through lyrics. Police brutality motivated rappers such as Ice Cube going by the words of their songs. Cube witnessed the LAPD harass people outside a recording studio, which became his first encounter with police brutality. In summary, the police view most rappers as potential criminals, particularly those with a history of drug peddling, which explains their cruelty towards them.

Noteworthy, the death of T, Dr. Dre's brother breaks his heart considering he was killed in a gang shootout. The lives of Black youths in the gang-wielding streets remain a matter of chance. The police also demonstrate elements of suppression notably when they banned Cube's song that they claim to contain vulgar language. Competition between music labels and rivalry in the music industry manifests clearly. Rappers pick conflict with each other, which creates disharmony. For instance, Death Row records owned by Suge rivals Ruthless Record owned by Easy-E over the decision by Dre to join Suge. The rivalry often stems from competition for the market and upcoming artists who come with a promise for a better future. Overall, rap music and the rivalry between artists formed part of the music industry, particularly in the early stages of the music genre.

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