Personality and Social Development, Free Essay for Students

Published: 2019-07-19
Personality and Social Development, Free Essay for Students
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Personality development may be defined as the relatively changing patterns of feelings, behaviors, and personal thoughts that distinguish one person from the others. The psychology of personality keeps changing rapidly in more meaningful ways throughout the lifespan of an individual. Social and personality development in children develop in numerous ways such as biological maturation, social interactions, and in the social world. The process is demonstrated in this discussion on the influence that significant relationships, personality growth, social development, and emotional competence have in child growth.

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The majority of people often try to figure out how they grew and developed into adults. Most people tend to think that the influence of their parents was important in shaping them into whom they are. Also, the childhood exposures play a significant role in the social development of a person. These include; peers, environment, moral compass, and the general life experiences that one goes through while growing up. For instance, when a child is brought up by alcoholic parents, they are likely to develop arrogant personalities and become a problem in the society. Therefore, these factors determine whether one becomes a product of nurture or nature depending on the manner that they are raised.

The social and personality development research provides a clear perspective on several factors that are critical in childhood development by illustrating how complex and crucial these childhood influences are. These intricate the processes and stages that shaped you into the person you are (Thompson, 2006a). The three primary aspects that are fundamental to child growth are the social relationships, psychological development, and biological growth.

The relationship between an infant and its parents begins early after birth. Children living in stable homes tend to have a stronger emotional attraction towards their guardians. Most psychologists argue that the development of these attractions is natural. However, these attachments have evolved due to childrens motivations to remain close to their loved ones. The most important relationship is between an infant and its biological mother. It has a psychological effect on the growth of the child and greatly influences the social development of a person.

Childhood influences mostly determine mental development. For example, children develop a conscience at an early childhood stage, and this assists them to maintain moral behavior. Conscience includes several aspects such as emotional, social influences, and the cognitive. It develops from childhood experiences with their parents and generally, surrounding persons. Biological growth also shapes the childs behavior and feeling based on their gender identity. Children learn the concepts and responsibilities of their respective genders from their parents or guardians. These influences impact individuals lives in various ways, for example, their mode of dressing, interests, and life aspirations.

Therefore, social and personality development keeps changing as an individual grows older and continues throughout their lifespan. However, it is mostly influenced by the factors discussed above in this research. These factors are critical and should be considered by parents and guardians while bringing up their young ones. Failure to observe them might result in adverse outcomes. All children should be provided with favorable growing conditions so as to mold them into responsible adults and ensure a prosperous future for them.


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