Mending Wall - Free Essay with Analysis of the Poem

Published: 2018-05-29 19:57:59
Mending Wall - Free Essay with Analysis of the Poem
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Mending Wall by Robert Frost

Mending wall is a poem by a poet known as Robert Frost. It is one amongst the very many poetry collections he had released before. The poems talk about two farmers who live in the rural sides of England. They intend on building a wall between their farms. The wall had earlier on been there, and they intend on rebuilding it. One of the farmers happens to be the narrator and as they are building the wall one of them keeps on questioning the purpose of the wall. He thinks that the wall is rather insignificant. His counterpart in the poem is seen to be replying to his query twice with a proverb that says that good fences make good neighbors (Wulandari et al. 10). This paper aims at giving an assessment to that poem.

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As we can see in the poem, as it draws to a close the author is seen to be including gaps. For instance, the rhythmic differences. This is because most of the lines there are not rhyming (Wulandari et al. 10). The author here mainly emphasizes on the wall that is being constructed. But still, the author has in some way tried to mend the rhythmic gaps as we see the word walls being repeated severally and it to some extent bridges the rhythmic gaps at the end of the sentences.

Indeed, at the end of the poem, we have a standing wall. This is because, despite the narrator being in opposition to the construction, his fellow seemed not to be swayed by his idea. He sticks to the opinion that the wall is constructed and they do so (Wulandari et al. 10). The wall seems to bring an unrevealed dispute between the two farmers as the narrator who opposes it is seen to be saying, something that does not like the wall, therefore, we can say that the wall has brought in a conflict between the two farmers. Summarily, the wall was built despite rejection by one farmer and it resulted to dispute among them.

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