Free Essay. Formerly Human Jobs Are Now Done by Technology

Published: 2023-02-21
Free Essay. Formerly Human Jobs Are Now Done by Technology
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In the present day, there are developments in technology which is replacing human labor in various sectors of jobs (Bessen, James, 2016). In the past, human beings had to do almost everything in any area. The situation was making life very difficult, and its challenges could never be solved. Human jobs are now being done by technological machines such as robots. Technology is being preferred because it is more efficient, accurate, and cheap as compared to human beings. However, technology also comes with its limitations. There are a lot of jobs which have been taken over by technology over the recent past. This paper discusses the solutions and complications, which is brought by the use of technology instead of human beings to do jobs.

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Technology can be referred to as the skills, techniques, and processes used in machines to operate a given task without human interventions (Lariviere, Bart et al., 2017). The technology is made possible by the use of programmed technological systems and high level of computer and energy developments. Technology in the labor force is diverse in various disciplines. There are areas where it has developed more in terms of technology than others. Examples of jobs that have been taken over by technology include surgery, which is now done by robots. Many factories manufacturing various products use technological machines to execute their duties.

Technology has offered solutions to labor services across different disciplines. Technology offers efficient job handling contrary to human beings who are affected by several factors limiting their efficiency. Some jobs done by technological machines and equipment could have never been done by human beings (Pendleton et al., 2019). For instance, most manufacturing works cannot be done by a human being, machines can only do such jobs, and the tools are the provisions of technology. Technology is more reliable in terms of productivity, although the rate of productivity also depends on the amount of energy used; it offers the best reliability in job execution. Another vital solution provided by technology in jobs is that it is fast in its operations and therefore takes a shorter time to finish the job. Speed in a post is an important aspect, especially situations that require quick execution; technology offers the best in that.

Technology, however, has its complications during job execution in specific. The greatest challenge with technology is that it cannot respond to logical aspects since it is programmed. In case of an emergency, a technological machine lacks the intelligence to respond to an emergency and can cause adverse effects. Technology is expensive to make, maintain, and operate. It takes a lot of knowledge, time, and financial resource to develop a machine that replaces human beings in their jobs. Technology at one point needs human nature to program or monitor it in its operations, it does not mean that technology will adjust itself in every situation, and at least there must be human interventions during specific points.

In conclusion, it is appreciable that technology has helped a lot in offering solutions to the labor force, which would not be achieved by human beings. Technology at large has made life easier apart from improving it at a big range. It is only through technology that we can deliver efficiency, accuracy, and reliability in some jobs. Despite its small disadvantages, which cannot be avoided, like reducing job opportunities for people and its natural lacking human intelligence to address emergencies, it still offers a solution to many jobs around the globe.


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