Continuity and the Human Environment. Essay Example

Published: 2023-09-27
Continuity and the Human Environment. Essay Example
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Norman is one of the cognitive psychologists who came up with the human environment which entailed the mind and physical environment's internal and external processes. He discovered that there was a gap between the brain and the computer system interactions. He used the idea of James Gibson of 'affordance 'to come up with human-environment communication. According to Don Norman, the human mind has areas made up of an emotional system consisting of behavioral, visceral, and reflexive. The behavioral aspect deals with how human beings can control their actions. Reflexive deals with how we learn and generalize new concepts and the world while the visceral aspect deals with perception.

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The rule of interaction allows human beings to use the theory of continuity to learn new ways of doing things (Bemstein et al., 2018). This is referred to as functional continuity. Perceptual continuity allows the user to make use of the data in the perceptual surrounding. When the human mind can perceive information, he or she will use cognitive continuity. Studies show that continuity theory helps people develop good health habits and lifestyles within their environment. This theory states that our personalities are built by what we learn from the surrounding environment, such as social media. Continuity theory allows people to reflect on their experiences. This theory allows older generations to maintain their lives. Studies also show that a person's preferences and personality will remain until old age.

The cognitive home environment has led to differences in academic competence in children. Furthermore, the social-economic status of some homes have effects on the cognitive development of children. This means that parents should help their children in their early growth to be more sharp and bright as they grow up. In addition to that, Don Norman came up with various principles to design human-environment interactions and digital products. He came up with the laws of visibility to allow human beings to use the elements that they can see within their environment. This principle has been applied in various fields, such as in technology in mobile apps. Other policies used include Mapping, the principle of feedback, affordance, constraints, and the law of consistency.

According to Norman, human beings interact with digital products, mainly through user experience (Korucu et al., 2020). This is because they want the comfort of continuity. Some of the digital products they interact with include mobile apps and financial trading platforms. The interactions discussed include making an online purchase and completing online forms. This comfort of continuity assists the users to complete their problems comfortably. User Experience is very useful in doing research dealing with behavior and visual communication. People with formal training regularly apply this discipline. Whatever this User experience will deliver to the user, is what will constitute the comfort of continuity. When the warmth of continuity is reduced, digital users will be disadvantaged significantly.

In some instances, a user may be compelled to choose another digital platform or product. Don Norman came up with this User Experience discipline due to the evolving digital world. The subject is still applied today. The user of this discipline must use a holistic approach in dealing with the digital environment. The daily practice of control has to be shaped within the context of expertise.

Furthermore, the User experience should be included in the production and marketing team of the product. There must be mutual interaction between the Human Environment and the product. The user should be empathetic to design an excellent product for the users in the human environment. This will ensure there is the comfort of continuity to the user.

Pregnant mothers also apply continuity theory. The babies yet to be born will begin to experience patterns of continuity as they develop. The designs will be evident with how the mother sleeps, her voice, and her walking speed. Gradually the baby would improve sensory experience. The mother would start changing her way of routines. Even after the baby is born, the comfort of continuity should be maintained.

Moreover, cognitive theory helps humans to understand the older generations. This is very important in maintain friendship between the younger and the older generation. Older people can also adjust their retirement period. Donald Norman also said that continuity theory should help people in the human environment be more interested and curious.


In conclusion, the paper has discussed the human environment and its interaction with the continuity theory. It has talked about a cognitive psychologist, Don Norman, his background with continuity theory. Some aspects of the human mind that Norman discovered have also been discussed. It entails an emotional system that consists of visceral, behavioral, and reflexive levels. The paper has even talked about the interaction between cognition and continuity theory.

Furthermore, the paper has discussed something little about Norman's principles, such as affordance, consistency, mapping, and feedback. Moreover, the article finally has mentioned some of the areas where continuity theory is applied in the human environment. Some of the importance of continuity theory to the social climate has


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