Free Essay on Personal Experience in Nursing

Published: 2019-11-18
Free Essay on Personal Experience in Nursing
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Nursing practice entails patience and high levels of professionalism, meaning that moral courage is the key to a successful working relationship with fellow nurses and the patients. The practitioners undergo various hurdles in their daily activities. Nevertheless, given that they are well trained and ready to embrace evidence-based practice and nursing informatics, it becomes necessary for them to be courageous and face any form of challenge that may arise. While carrying out my routine activities in a medical facility, I encountered one of the unique challenges from a patient, necessitating the need to exercise moral and ethical reasoning. In this case, the patient wanted to take off his life, but given that he did not find the necessary tools, such as a rope, he decided not to eat, till death. After being notified on the same, I had to intervene and inform him on the importance of eating and having hope in life.

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As a professional, I considered it necessary to understand medical history of the patient and that it when I realized that he had not taken some drugs reason being that his family members had abandoned him in the medical facility. The information enabled me to understand the exact problem, and after even proving to me that he had not been taking drugs for the past three days as prescribed, I had to inform my senior through text. Through the application of Kohlbergs second level of moral reasoning, I saw it necessary to take the patients problem as mine and look for the best way forward (University of Central Florida, 2016). My decision to notify the senior was primarily based on the ethical standards of updating her progress of the patients and what is necessary to be done. Additionally, as a professional, I was expected to take care of the patients and increase the levels of communication to make him feel accepted once more.

Amongst the tricks that I used include informing him about several other patients with the same diseases as his who were abandoned but later recovered and are now leading a healthy life, my neighbor being one of them. This information triggered his mind, thus resulting in a change of perception about life, thus the necessity of struggling, taking drugs, eating, and remaining optimistic. For me, the guiding principle in nursing care is the goodness of truth and the ability to offer any form of help that I can manage, including calling for assistance and advice. Nevertheless, I had to remain courageous, as this is one of the best attributes of a professional nurse (Hawkins, & Morse, 2014). Through this incident, I did learn that the practical application of Kohlbergs second level of moral reasoning is paramount in nursing practice, thus eliminating the assumption that I learned this concept to prepare myself just for our peaceful co-existence.

My success in eventually convincing the patient to start taking drugs and making him accept the advice from my senior made it possible to realize that eventually as a BS registered nurse, more challenges will be on my way. Therefore, the best step that I can take as a professional nurse in the future is to incorporate and embrace Kohlbergs second level of moral reasoning, remain optimistic and courageous, and seek advice on what I should do if faced with a dilemma in terms of decision-making. The strategy will grant me a chance of becoming a professional nurse given that these are among the attributes that the practitioners must embrace.


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