Gender Equality Essay Sample

Published: 2018-03-13
Gender Equality Essay Sample
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Gender definition

Gender is the features or characteristics that distinguishes masculinity and femininity. In different sets of cultures there exist various roles which were designated to individuals according to their gender composition. Males and females in the family, society and some other nations had specific roles to play in these kind of setup. However, these roles are dynamic, that is, they keep fluctuating over time. In addition, women in many societies have advocated for the gender equality which has seen them changing their responsibilities and duties depending on their demands. Gender role have changed tremendously over the past 50 years as discussed in the succeeding paragraphs.

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In the past it was believed that women were not fit to occupy the positions of leadership in the society due to the perception the society had in regard to their gender. Women were considered as a weak gender and could not be allowed to vie for the leadership positions in the society. In addition, most of the society did take the education of the girl child very seriously and so it was difficult to develop women who could qualify for leadership positions in the society or the workplaces. Women were taken as helpers in the house chores, and stewards of the children in the society. In addition, it was the role of women to ensure the discipline and welfare of the children in the past. However, with the initiation of the groups and organization which can advocate for the rights of women and, also promote gender equality. The education of women have been given much priority in most of the society and this has greatly contributed to the change in their roles. For instance, women nowadays can assume the role of leadership in the society and are also considered for other leadership positions in the workplaces.

In addition, men are currently assisting women in the roles of the family, such as, looking after the discipline of the children, performing some of the house chores and monitoring the welfare of the children. Similarly, women have also reciprocated by assisting men in role like paying for their children's school fees and other financial support.

Additionally, in the leadership of many nations, women have been provide with some of the slots which are specifically meant for them. This role has been recognized due to the kind of education which the women nowadays are exposed to. In the past, it was believed that education for women was not important because men were there to provide for their needs. And, this exposed them as gender who could be used by men in any way they feel like. However, by the formation of the women groups, they were empowered to realize their potentials and abilities in the society. Moreover, women with the same qualification as women are allowed to assume office which much considered to be men slots.

In conclusion, the gender role have changed significantly over the past 50 years due to the enlightenment across gender over their rights and abilities. For instance, the emergence of women groups and other organizations that agitate for the rights of women have seen them change their roles.In addition, men have also reacted to the change and have accepted to assist women in some of the roles which were assumed to be for women.

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