Free Essay Example on Formalism Literary Theory

Published: 2023-01-05
Free Essay Example on Formalism Literary Theory
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Formalism literary theory also known as new constructivism literary theory was developed to enhance the understanding of socially constructed elements in a literary approach. A formalist approach of the primary literary methods defines the qualities and characters of a poetic language and defines the primary necessities of strategies that give a background to the thematic concerns that are used. Through the description of the poetic function of communication, it intends to expose the considerable influence of the development of other studies and enhance the communicative acts that reveal the intention of the plot and the thematic concerns (Al Fuadi 120). Identification of the formalist approaches is usually based on the internal workings and are derived from the different perspectives that are represented in the literalness of art exposed in the works. Formalist strategies on the form of literary texts is a specific unit of any human knowledge that emphasizes the use of books in contemporary art analysis. Some of the illustrative attributes to the formalist approaches that are essential in its report include foremost the fact that literature can be read from different scripts and perspectives and the induction of the literary nature of literature that makes it an aesthetic subject. The formalist approach focuses on the nature of literary text itself and a regard a specific unit of human knowledge that can be examined for its own sake. Formalist critical questions are based on the ultimate goal of reaching the definition of the forms of art through the analysis of discrete points in any artistic representation. The foremost and intent question that formalist analysis seeks to answer is the plot and structure of the work based its organization and exposure of the thematic concerns. Second, it will attempt to engage the parts of the work and its engagement to other regions (Chiang 88).

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Analysis of two movies

Review of Varsity of blues a film Mellissa Edison is a thoughtful recension of a how a formalist approach in the philosophical explorations define the creation of movies and tend to organize its thoughts and angles. The movie through inclusion of color, sound, distortions and pull-ups combine a number of techniques in each of the complete sets to realize a thematic concern at the start. The references and the images in the movie are made at low angles. The main character steps out of his house at low camera angles when the sun is setting, and the trumpets are blowing, and an indication of sound and camera working along with the moment and accentuates this moment. The school in the movie is obsessed with the football team and chaos erupts in the school hall where Hitler will be looking out for their followers. The low angles in the film have been made to represent e and attract the attention of the viewer towards the realization and analysis of the thematic concern. The movie is a depiction of low angles, slow motions, and excellent color representation is combined worth aspects of emotion heightening of the sense (Bellour 12). It is thematic concern is based on issues of personal acceptance and worth and is derived from individual facts of self-heroism and own recognition of the conditions in which we are. Formalist analysis of this movie will intend to look at several angles in the comprehension of the needs of this movie. Foremost it will mean to look at the organization of the work through the discussion and the study of the plot of the work. This will enable the movie reviewer to analyze the plot of the movie in term of the scene that is presented from the start to the end. A number of these analyses in the film will subject the main character Mox and his action in West Canaan, Texas and how he meets Lance for the first time and engages him with the obsession of the town to football. This formalist approach will define the attitude of the plot and the intention of the author and the movie directors in using such a proposal in the movie. The procedure will then look at the thematic concern in the movie ad its engagement with the plot. The short film has different themes with literary techniques that are meant to supplement the plot of the film. The first half of the movie exposes a big belief in the character of a Hitler when the individuals go to the hall. The first half shows that the film is based on dependent, unfocused and visionless individuals who are afraid of the future and are unable to face it themselves. The other question that a formalist approach will tend to realize is setting of the work in terms of how the individual does their character analysis and the actions that involve the characters. The setting in the video is a football-crazy town that meets in a hall under desperate situations hoping that a savior called Hitler would deliver them from their insecurities. Through such an analysis we realize that the formalism can decipher that the formalism can see the precise terms in the movie and assume texts based inherent qualities of the structures.

The movie "The insider" is a rife with ethical dilemmas and suspense that throngs the whole of the controversy. It exposes a true story based on 1994 episodes of the news that show action in less than 60 minutes and defines the plot of the movie. The plot puts an individual Dr.Jeffreeey Winograd at loggerhead with specific individuals who include Brown and Williamson who are owners of the third largest company that manufactures and sells tobacco n England. After getting instructions to hide the addictive nature of the nicotine a product used in the manufacture of tobacco he is ordered to resign from his post. Initially, Wingard was the Vice President of Research and Development in the company. The story continues when Lowell realizes that Wingard has a story to tell through an expensive and mature legal and inventory process. The thematic concern of the story is societal, ethical values and the need to realize the importance of standing with the truth (Jacob 42). It describes the owners of the factory as corrupt and unable to understand the humanistic social values throughout the story. It also Wingard as an honest and ethical worker who does not spare the truth for personal gains. He goes ahead to expose the whole of the story to investigative authorities to help save the lives of individuals who are buying the tobacco that is manufactured by the company. This analysis also proves the setting of the story through the study of the plot.

Why Formalism is important in the analysis of the theories in the movies to the society

This style of inquiry is essential in the study of the background of the literary text itself and exposes the background information that surrounds the investigation of the culture and the movies themselves. This way it enables the study of the film it allows the trace of the evolution of literary forms and the subject of excessive contexts that relates to societal settings. Formalism gives a direct relationship between the movies concerned and the life of individuals. In the first movie, formalism represents the main character as the basis of the film as he is depicted as the individual who is able to save the lives of the characters in the film (Bennet 6). Formalism represents the need to be aware of ourselves in society and ensure that we can believe in ourselves as our saviors rather than believing in an individual as our hero. In the second movie, it directs the thoughts of individuals to the importance of sanity in our society. It gives a preview of the importance of respecting rationality and creating ethical values as essential aspects of ensuring societal continuity. Formalism is, therefore, the approach of a logical mind into the setting and plot of the movie throughout its duration. Identification of the formalist procedures is usually based on the internal workings and are derived from the different perspectives that are represented in the literalness of art exposed in the works. Formalist approaches on the form of literary texts is a specific unit of any human knowledge that emphasizes the use of books in the contemporary art analysis (Creed 12).

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