Free Essay on the Steel Magnolias Movie

Published: 2019-05-15
Free Essay on the Steel Magnolias Movie
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Part I: Soliloquy

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The character of choice for the soliloquy is Annelle. The key moment that the soliloquy is based on is the moment where she reveals to Ouiser Boudreaux about her relationship. This moment elicits an emotional response from all the characters involved.

Marriage, Freedom, Fear

Three words do not seem like they are related, but in this life, my life, they are related.

Having a marriage where one cannot talk of their husbands occupations is a reality for certain people like me. This brings in fear when conversing about relationships.

To live life is to feel free, to feel free is to exercise ones freedom. What is the benefit of living this life if one cannot share in their troubles and happiness?

The benefit of enjoying ones life is to realize that there are many opportunities in the world. However, how do you do this when your own husband is running away from the police?

Marriage is supposed to be a liberation experience. It is supposed to be the source of happiness and solitude when faced with different difficulties in life. However, to keep my husbands secret, I have to keep this information to myself.

The pressure from Ouiser to open up about my marital history is an invitation to spill the beans. Is this the opportunity I have been looking for to escape my personal mental prison?

On one hand, speaking about the fact that my husband is a wanted criminal may result in being shunned by my new friends. On the other hand, it may result in the release of a burden I have carried for a very long time.

The best and only solution is to go with my spirit, which says that I should share this information. Breaking the silence on this problem will help me start a new life of Freedom and happiness.

Part II: Reading/Analysis

The analysis section of this report allows the reader to determine and discuss certain elements of the soliloquy. One of the main elements that need discussing is the importance of the selected moment identified by the character. This helps in determining whether the reader needs to understand the authors history before reading the soliloquy. This allows the reader to determine the relevance of the soliloquy as discussed by Annelle. It also allows the reader to deduce different conclusions based on the information collected prior to this moment. The soliloquy also helps in determining whether the events following the moment in question are affected by the thoughts of the character. While this moment is special, its effects for the future events are also worth discussing.

This moment is important to the character Annelle as well as the other characters in the play. This is because the moment defines the beginning of interaction between Annelle and the rest of the characters. Annelle opens up about her relationship with her husband the moment she is given a chance. The fact that her friends had to pressure her so that she can talk about her husbands shows how difficult it was. The moment when her friends decide to push her to talk about her relationship is right after Shelby is treated for her diabetic condition. Most viewers may say that this is wrong. However, it is important to know that this moment helps the characters move from the emotions of hurt brought about by Shelbys hypoglycemic state.

It is important to understand the pervious events in order to understand the current moment. This is because the previous events show that Annelle is not a resident of the region where the hair salon is located. This means that she must be new to most of the characters in the play. Annelle is also an employee at the shop. This means that she does not have a close relationship with the individuals interrogating her. For the other characters to push her to talk about her relationship may be considered wrong. It may also be considered an invasion of personal space. The previous events before the specific moment that is addressed by the soliloquy show the lack of a close relationship between Annelle and the other characters. It also shows how difficult it was for Annelle to open up to individuals who were practically strangers to her.

The soliloquy foreshadows future events in that it slightly predicts the events of the future. When Annelle is discussing the prospects of whether it is a disadvantage of an advantage to open up, she suggests that she may benefit from the whole situation. After watching or reading the whole play, one realizes that it is after Annelle shares her story that she is invited to Shelbys wedding. Annelle meets her future husband, Samuel, at the wedding. Through this moment, Annelles future is decided in ways she herself could not have imagined. After marrying Samuel, they are blessed with a daughter who is named after Shelby. This provides Annelle with a future that protects her from all the problems and issues she had been facing in her past with her previous husband.

Throughout the play, the character Annelle is portrayed as a thoughtful individual who takes time before making a decision. This characteristic is portrayed by the fact that she does not jump into the act of sharing her personal information with regards to her marriage. Right after Shelby dies, Annelle has the option to name her daughter after Shelby without seeking permission from Shelbys mother. However, she takes her time to ask for permission from Shelbys mother. All these actions show that Annelle is a respectful and thoughtful individual. This is the reason as to why she takes her time to think about how to go about explaining her situation with her husband at the moment discussed in the soliloquy.

Annelle has been found to feel worried, scared, and defensive at the moment she is asked about her husband. The reason behind this is that her husband is a criminal who is on the run. The fact that her husband is a criminal may result in her implication in his crimes. The fact that Annelle does not know the other characters on a personal level increases reasons as to why she is worried. Annelle faces a situation whereby she needs to identify the best way of sharing this information without putting herself in a compromising position. Annelle masters her courage and openly talks about her husbands criminal behavior. She overcomes her feeling of worry and fear and shares the information with the other characters. This elicits emotions of pity and appreciation towards Annelle. The other characters feel that she should not continue living under such conditions. To alleviate Annelles situation, they invite her to Shelbys wedding hopping that the fun at the wedding will help cheer her up.


LaRue, M. (1990). Steel Magnolias. Theatre Crafts, 24(2), 58.

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