Free Essay on Cinematic Invisibility in the Film, "Brokeback Mountain"

Published: 2022-05-26
Free Essay on Cinematic Invisibility in the Film, "Brokeback Mountain"
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Cinematic invisibility is a technique of making films where the director tries to hide them from the audience and can only be noticed from a keen perception of the film. There are a number of cinematic invisibility tools that can be used during film making. They include camera lenses, shot composition, lighting, editing, sound effects, color transitions, space, match cuts or props. This paper seeks to review the use of these tools in Brokeback Mountain film, as used by the filmmaker to hide the use of violence and bisexuality in the life of the characters. The filmmaker uses these techniques to express violence in the character even though the violence is an expression of dissatisfaction with the bisexual nature of the two main characters in the film.

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What was the type of the camera lens used in the film, "Brokeback mountain?"

It is important to know which type of lenses is best for film making. Alongside Rodrigo Prieto who is the film maker, Ang Lee, the film director thought it wise to use different visual styles. The most important thing was to enhance visual simplicity and the type of camera lenses to be used really mattered. In the awareness, Rodrigo Prieto once acknowledged that Ang Lee was very specific on the type of camera lens to be used. The film is a flashback film. Since he had an eye for sharper and high contrasting images, the focal lens was preferred. The focal length in the film ranges from 14mm to 35mm. For instance, during the beginning of the story when one of the main characters, Ennis has just woken up at 5 am in the morning on a ranch. It was still in the dark. In this line, a digital sensor was to be efficient. In the camera, the focal plane was then needed to be set at 32mm. It is important to be aware of the fact that focal length can simply be represented from sunrays. The film was shot in Canada so, primarily the experienced chilly morning conditions. In reference to this scene, the following facts about prime lenses should be taken into account of. Prime lenses are normally used shooting scenes under dull lighting conditions. This is because they have a large aperture of f/1.4 and f2.8. According to Rodrigo, the casts were in most occasions staying at the wide end. Prime lenses, also referred to as faster lenses also enhance an inquisition of crisper and sharper images. In an event where the camera man trembles as a result of a chilly conditions. Prime lenses eliminate a likelihood of distortion characterized by acquisition of blurred images. In regard to the film, "Brokeback Mountains," there is a scene demonstrating a chronology of surprising happenings between the two characters, Jack and Ennis; gay sexual affair. It was shot at the camp during one cold evening. In this case, prime lenses would have been efficient. After four years, both of them are married and have kids. One day, Jack showed up at Ennis's door. They embrace and hug each other with an intimacy of which, Ennis's wife notices. They brush it off even though Ennis's wife noticed and never asked. In this part the prime lenses allow for the cameraman to deploy an aspect of creativity; enhancing editing. Some items are not visible in this part of the movie which shows that editing has been used as a cinematic tool at this stage of the film. Jack and Ennis excuse themselves into a motel and the relationship starts afresh. If they could have used zoom lenses over prime lenses, then the cameramen would have been denied a room to think more about the shot.

At the same time a high angle shot composition was used. In order to get a standardized cinema technique that ranges from long views to close views. But the most important focus is to take shots from wider angles. It aggravates an aspect of incorporating numerous framing modes. With that I will put focus on the subsequent part of the film. The following twenty years, there are sporadic meetings in motels and they have multiple camp trips. These acts piled up to drive Ennis's wife away. Jack's family remains intact despite the fact that his wife is aware of all that takes place during the summer. Jack feels that they can no longer continue in the same way but actually keeps to himself these feelings. Delving into the film moods and overall emotions, aimed at demonstrating a connection with the viewers. Jack and Ennis are framed in a way that you would think they are close to one another though they are distance apart. This becomes possible because high angle shot composition appropriately utilizes the background and the foreground.

Cinematic Invisibility Tools

Cinematic invisibility tools have been used in this film to conceal the bisexual nature of the two main characters in the cast as well as the inner violence that they are facing.

, the masculine identity that has been given to the two characters in the film speaks about the invisibility and the unacceptable behavior that the two men are engaging in. This has been demonstrated through the use of violence in the film. This is evident during the thanksgiving ceremony at Jack and Laureen's place. The television is turned to a football game and Jacks father asks him if he does not want his son to be a man. The question the way it has been used in this case eludes violence. The use of the football game too in this scene is as well a cinematic invisibility tool to demonstrate the use of violence in this film which is being concealed. Through the activities in the film, it is quite evident that Jacks father is actually a heterosexual man. This is quite contrary to what Jack is demonstrating with his bisexual tendencies. When this scene ends, we see when Jack is taking control of his house. The power play comes in also at this scene in a hidden manner when Jack takes over the carving the turkey from Laureen's father.

Second, the use of cinematic invisibility in the film has been used to interestingly bring out the violence between Jack and Ennis. Even though they were intimate to each other, they faced inner struggles that were characterized by outward violent rages. The director uses the camera lenses to show us how the hugging between the two characters became stiffer each time they did. This is to show the growing love between Jack and Ennis. The filmmaker uses cinematic techniques like sound in this case to show anger in the characters. This, in real sense assists in demonstrating the unacceptable nature of the gay relationship that they are engaging in. The two know what is going on in their lives and they do not want it because it is a taboo. At one particular point, the anger boils over Ennis and their otherwise portrayed wonderful play ends up in Ennis punching Jack. It is, however, notable that the violence between the two characters in this stage is not brutal. This is put in this manner to show that the anger was actually a demonstration of dissatisfaction with the taboo act that the two were engaging in. This is just but turmoil in trying to make reconciliation with their inner self on the invisible nature of their bisexual act.

In conclusion, the filmmakers of the Brokeback Mountain have used various cinematic tools to express the inner violence the characters had to face in the bid to conceal their bisexual nature. The use of football match is used in this film is used to demonstrate the use of violence. Camera lenses and sound effects have been effectively used to express the violence within the characters to express their satisfaction with the gay character that they have.

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