Paper Sample on Solutions for Disabled People Who Want to Own or Work in Business

Published: 2023-01-23
Paper Sample on Solutions for Disabled People Who Want to Own or Work in Business
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In support of the disabled people, various slogans have been established to motivate them towards working and achieving in the same environment as other individuals do. The most famous motto used worldwide to give hope to the disabled is "disability is not inability" (Corbett and Len 4). A disabled person is an individual who has different challenges in acquiring himself or herself, either fully or partially, as ordinary individuals (Gafner 7). Disabled persons are unable to undertake community tasks fully due to their shortcomings, either mentally or physically. Therefore, the disabled were mainly discriminated in both employment and voluntary works.

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The negative attitude among people is what primarily created a barrier for disabled people to work in the community entirely. There have been profound creation of awareness globally in support of disabled individuals. The crusades carried out by different organizations, most non-governmental organizations (NGOs) who agitate for equal rights for the disabled and their importance in shaping the public image of the organizations have produced tangible outcomes (Cornwall 4). The popular movement for the disabled individuals has significantly yielded its objectives as numerous job opportunities, and unique positions for the disabled persons have been created to add up their participation in the economy building. Different firms have absorbed a disabled person in their organizations, which makes them have a positive public image of inclusivity. Apart from being employed in various recognized organizations, a variety of business opportunities in which the disabled people can use to maximize their skills have been established. This term paper seeks to analyze some of the solutions disabled people can use to optimize their visibility and fully engage in business-related activities.

Search for Funding's

In the commencement of any business scale, funding is always the most challenging part. Writing of the proposals and calling out for sponsors to finance a young business idea or project has become even trying with the current generation. Seeking for specialized funds is an excellent opportunity for disabled people to establish businesses and easily manage them (Flores et al. 8). Different states have different loan funds for specific groups in which they are required to apply. Some of the countries who fully support their disabled populations are the United Kingdom (UK), the United States of America (USA), Canada, Australia, and China among others (White et al., 3). The United States of America has special funds for the disabled populations under the Social Security Disability umbrella (Sherry 4). A majority of governments have created particular websites for disabled people to seek these loans, which reduces the time spent moving from one office to another. NGOs have also created special schemes for funding the disabled who need business boosting to advance their businesses (McGahey et al. 10).

Use of Disability as an Advantage

The disabled people should need to fully understand themselves for easy access to the resources to start up their businesses. Even though the disabled do not have to focus on their disability, sometimes it's an original idea to access funds and other resources of which the healthy individuals will be restricted. Living with a disability can give an individual an exceptional experience if the person is willing to accept him or her and use their situation as an advantage (Sherry 6). A good number of disabled individuals have used their disability advantage to start their flourishing businesses by applying the knowledge and skills they have gained along the way. The successful individuals use disability as a competitive advantage hence maximizing on it to receive funds for starting up businesses and influencing clients buying habit (Flores., et al. 4). Disabled individuals are often grouped under special groups in most countries. The particular groups are entitled to rare benefits that the other people lack. Some of the benefits include always being served first despite the arrival time in case of "first come first serve" scenarios, a special allocation of funds and job priorities when organizations are recruiting new employees (White et al. 5).

Being Positive and Expanding Their Networks

Any success story begins with accepting yourself and the current situation an individual is in. The disabled people have been presented with unique platforms in which they can use to commence their businesses. Disabled people should avoid limiting themselves and use their disability as an excuse to laze around (Sherry 6). They need to expand their networks by grouping together and initiating movements to fight for their rights. Disability status should not be a limiting factor for a disabled person with a viable business idea to pursue it. The courage of participating and being visible special meetings will provide more opportunities for the disabled to be respected and acknowledged, rather than sitting back and waiting for other normal individuals to grab all the possibilities.

Work With Partners in Business Inventions

Being disabled may reprieve a person a lot of opportunities being presented in his way, but it can be easily managed by engaging other normal individuals who can work on the disabled person's half. One of the best solutions major it of disabled people are using to succeed in business is by sourcing for the funds and employing their partners to effectively manage the funds in their companies (White et al. 7). In many occasions, the disabled people have used this technique to grow their business opportunities. The business partners are primarily used to perform those functions that would be challenging for disabled individuals to perform. Some of these functions include driving business vehicles, packing of heavy loads, jobs within the business premises that demand quick movement such as the office messenger duties among others. By partnering with other members within the society, the disabled business people will also get the opportunity of studying market demands (Flores et al. 11). The partners can provide critical information and share excellent ideas that will be used towards the growth of the business. Flexibility in the industry is also enhanced when different people with different experiences and skills in business are brought together through partnership.

Learning from Others

The idea and prospect of beginning a business are quite daunting. A majority of disabled people are often quickly discouraged by the high standards of achievement being set by their rivals who are sane. The high level of competition also scares the disabled individuals. In conquering this fear, the disabled people need to learn from their fellow disabled business moguls who have succeeded in their business specializations (Hay and Pascoe 15). Some of the successful disabled business people include; Kirk Keating (founder of Active Hands that specializes in the manufacture of the wheelchair), Rob Smith, and Ralph Braun (founder of Braun Corporation that deals with the production of wheelchairs accessible vehicles). John Hockenberry (a famous US journalist, editor, and author who was has a spinal code injury hence disabled, but still managed to win significant awards among other achievements), among others (Wang 14). These business people are some of the inspiration the other disabled people can look up to and emulate their success (Sherry 6). They managed to accomplish a lot regardless of their physical disability.

Leverage Technology

Technology has become a significant asset in the current generation. A majority of business are using the latest technology advancement to gain a competitive advantage among their business rivals. Disabled people are in a prime position to use technology to their advantage (Singh and Nirmala 10). A mobility issue is now a past event. Business ideas and deals are sealed through computers at the comfort of the clients and sellers. Delivery is being made to clients who will never have to move from their places. All these advantages are due to the enhancement of technology. Jane Binnion is a disabled entrepreneur who has seized the opportunity of technology to establish her website and is currently working from her home (Foster and Nuttgens 11). She is a social media influencer and ethical sales and purchasing trainer. Many jobs and office duties are now being performed remotely. The disabled can tap in such ideas and maximize as they will complement their limited movement from place to place (White et al. 9).

To Seek Financial Advice

One of the solutions for disabled individuals to start their business is by seeking funds from a variety of sources, but that will only be noble if the individual has basic business ideas. Lack of financial advice has been named as the primary cause of business failures for both regular and disabled individuals (Hemphill and Kulik 11). The first solution to starting successful business entities by the disabled people is by seeking professional financial advice. The governments have established channels through which upon approving loans for the disabled individuals, they also offer free financial advice on how to invest the resources depending on the business industry the individual selects. The financial analysts are some of the people who can provide investment advice before the decision on business investment is made (Sherry 6). Most non-governmental bodies have hired specialists in the finance sector to facilitate mobilization of disabled individuals in how, when, and where to invest their finds if they want to get profits from the investments they will make. The advice from the financial experts to the disabled people is meant to widen their perspectives in the business world and rethink of their investments (Hay and Pascoe 7).

Reach For Support and Get Training

The disabled people are blessed in disguise. A lot of resources have been availed for their use globally. A special "Disability Day" has been introduced to celebrate the works and accomplishments of the disabled persons who are making a difference in society (Hall 4). Other disabled personas need to come out of their comfort zones and chase these opportunities too. When the disabled make an effort to get help, it is worth than waiting for the support to be presented unto them. The disabled people who have acquired business investment resources, apart from reaching out for help and seeking financial advice, they also need to be trained. The business world is very dynamic, with dynamic clients (McGahey et al. 10). Proper training will give the disabled people a clue of what to aspect when they invest their finds. It is through practice that they will learn and understand different aspects of business and how to operate while in the business world - maintaining business ethics of the selected industry they choose to invest their resources in (Shah 5).

Disabled People Need To Design Their Workplaces

Disabled work has the option of designing their workplaces to allow for their movement needs. The physically challenged people have the option of decorating their business sites to fit their needs. The partially blind can use large numbers while those using wheelchairs need to construct their stations to be spacious to accommodate their wheel vehicles (Gibson, Rosen, and Stucker 21).


Disability is no longer a pivotal hindrance to success as it was perceived in the past. The disabled people have been provided with numerous solutions to better their life by actively engaging in the business world. Their contribution facilitates the development of their personal life and the economy of the country as a whole.

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