Essay Example on Job Satisfaction Among Millennials in the Workplace

Published: 2022-12-20
Essay Example on Job Satisfaction Among Millennials in the Workplace
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Millennials represent a segment of the population that knows what they want and how to get it and hence pursue job satisfaction above everything else. Millennials represent a driver for change or a force to reckon with them in the workplace. Therefore, it occurs by no chance that the population clocks in with the lower end percentage of the engaged employees. As the population grows older they are better placed to navigate their careers and look for work that best suits their career prospects. Therefore, such employees are highly involved at work.

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Millennials believe they are meant to conquer the world. There was a time when people held on to their jobs religiously with some of our parents even maintaining the same job for 20 years. Millennials today have resumes that have two-year stints at various companies over a period of time. Employees today would actively be looking for a new job or would be watching out for new opportunities. Therefore, millennials represent an open-minded group of individuals who are willing to pursue what they desire regardless of what other people will think of them.

With millennials being more proficient in technology, organizations should use that as a tool to entice millennials to participate in a mentoring program as well as benefit from having a current leader guide them in their position. Technology offers the company and leadership multiple opportunities to create a customized program by offering videos, online activities or even shadowing a member of management. "Millenials who are interested in leadership roles have indicated that they largely believe that they can develop the skills they need through mentorship programs" (Fries, 2017).

Mentorship programs provide millennials with a one on one feedback that can help them understand the policies of the company and can deliver the advice necessary for them to make the best career decisions. Regular feedback is important and can help millennials feel their contributions are valued and appreciated. According to Gesell, "As a result of their experience with social media sites such as Facebook and MySpace, they are accustomed to much greater levels of personal transparency than other generations" (Gesell, 2010).

Millennials are conversant with many aspects of the modern workplace. Therefore, many approach companies with a set of expectations and hence they know exactly what they want to achieve out of it in exchange for what they have to offer. They prefer creating meaning and purpose for their work. In doing so, they use their strengths and talents in doing what they do best every day. They no longer look for a job that they are passionate about but one that fits into the bigger picture of their career path.

Millennials are eager to network in the workplace, create new work relations with their seniors and in so doing, create a better business for their workplace. Unlike other groups of employees, they are eager to meet their managers on a constant basis and review their performance and set up goals they consider challenging, fair and relevant. Such characters are beneficial both for the company and the employee.

Millennials represent a population that is flexible and capable of carrying work home or anywhere else at their convenience. Although their tendency to work in their pajamas or in a coffee shop over some coffee is normally seen as lazy and entitled, these people are very productive regardless of the forms of work they adopt. Employees become more productive when they are split their time between working in the office with their colleagues and working from home.


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