Paper Sample on Opioid Addiction

Published: 2024-01-01
Paper Sample on Opioid Addiction
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The primary objective of the program is to address opioid addiction. The reports by the community health officials have shown that there is an increased use of opioids and its dependence among adults (Operation Prevention, 2017). This way, it is necessary that the main objective is to address the problem through the program where the county health department has begun to provide the necessary informational postures and brochures for use. To achieve an opioid free community, the project will need to focus on informing the affected individuals how the opioids are causing destruction to them and the young people as well.

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For this project, the county health department will integrate ways to use in addressing the opioid use within the specified population. One will know if it is being done because they will provide the necessary reports to show the progress for the population they have covered (U.S. Department of Education, 2019). One will know when it is finished when the rates of opioid use have significantly reduced. The expected results are that there were be a low percentage of substance abuse and specifically for opioids, it should be below 0.5%. The department will put in the appropriate efforts to measure the reduction in rates and observe that more people are not misusing drugs.


The aspects to be measured in the project are the estimates of the substance abuse along with the community demographics. These will include gender, median age, median household income, racial distribution, educational attainment, unemployment rate and religious affiliation. These measurements will reveal any changes to the community as a result of the project. The program activities will meet expectations such as goals, quality, cost and deadlines if the reports show progress of a lower number of people engaging in substance abuse (Prevention First, 2019). The extent to which the outcome can be measured against a standard of comparison is when there is a difference in the estimates.


The program plan is doable because the number of people in the community is manageable. The area is a small rural community, which will make it easy to cover with brochures and passing information. The budget for the project is also nicely done to cover all the areas that are suggested to have the chronic opioid use. The persons indicated also have the knowledge needed to complete the project and successfully evaluate the outcomes. They also have a high capability, availability and motivation to prevent opioid use because of its effects on the users. It will be possible to achieve the prevention within the time planned as well as with the resources.


The program should be carried out because it is for the benefit of the community at large. There is much effort needed to contain the opioid epidemic and ameliorate the harmful effects it has on the society (Business Wire, 2018). The estimates show that opioid misuse within the community is high and there is a need to lower it by the use of programs that educate the members. The impact of the program will be leading to low rates of substance abuse population.


The objective will be met if the community will agree to listen to why they need to deal with the problem of substance abuse (Overdose Lifeline Inc., 2019). The department can do its work to pass information but the members need to be willing to adhere to the strategies. There are several milestones or checkpoints on the way because the program must evaluate the work they are doing and the response.


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