Paper on Unlocking Potential: The Impact of Competitive Athletics on Personal Development and Academic Success

Published: 2024-01-05
Paper on Unlocking Potential: The Impact of Competitive Athletics on Personal Development and Academic Success
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Due to the advancement of technology and social media platforms' emergence, people's interaction and communication time have been greatly reduced (Thompson, 2017). However, it is important to realize that our ability to collaborate with others to achieve a common goal is a very critical skill in our lives. Athletics competition creates a chance for people to learn and understand patterns of social interaction (Josephson, 2017). The competitive environment created by athletics sports is a great inspiration for creativity and innovativeness. Winning a match time after time requires people to think outside the box. Thus, the competition challenges the participants to try new skills and improve their skills and creative capability.

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Athletics Encourage Physical Activity

It is usually possible to participate in physical activity in a non-competitive environment. However, in a competitive environment, everyone in the team has to push himself/herself to train harder and to perform better. Athletic competition creates an instance where people can exert more training to achieve an excellent result. Additionally, improved training usually leads to improved fitness and extends one's skills boundaries and personal perception. Competitive athletics is a tool with the capability of improving an individual's self-esteem. Physical activities are also helpful in improving personal health standards. Physical exercise helps maintain health standards and thus evades the possibility of contracting various infections such as obesity.

Competitive Athletics Help in Building Personal and Team Discipline

It is undeniable that competitive athletics requires a lot of dedication in terms of practice and training. Taking part in training requires a lot of persistence, which helps in building personal discipline. When people employ discipline in their training, they can grow their self-esteem and broaden their achievable goals. The achievement of the set goals also requires maximum discipline. Goal setting is usually good practice in any competitive manner, whether individually or team work (Thompson, 2017). Discipline helps people to learn goal-setting techniques that can be applied in other fields in life.

Competitive Athletics Teach People How to Deal with Disappointment

Losing is a skill that ought to be learned well. Nobody likes to lose. However, losing provides an opportunity for people to cope with disappointment and the process; one can learn effective ways of dealing with failure (Josephson, 2017). Competitive athletics creates an environment where people can develop this skill. This skill enables individuals to make effective decisions and decide what they want to be their identity. Competitive athletes ensure that people adopt skills for coping with disappointment and loss. The competition also teaches people how to take risks. Thus, one can gain the confidence to do complicated things and improve the capacity to handle varied situations.

Competitive Athletics Enables Students to Perform Better in School

Scholarly articles reveal that high school students who participate in competitive sports are less likely to drop out of school (Thompson, 2017). Furthermore, the students who participate in sports are associated with high rates of college completion. Athletics competitions help students gain various skills such as commitment, discipline, and the ability to cope with failure. Moreover, goal setting and discipline, which are critical in school, are skills learned in competitive athletics. Competition is also a fun activity. Everyone has fun while playing. Being part of a team helps people to have a sense of belonging. Competition helps to relieve stress and anxiety.


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