Free Essay on Effective Writing and Research Skills

Published: 2022-03-14
Free Essay on Effective Writing and Research Skills
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Dear Course Mate,

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This email provides a description of how to use effective writing and research skills to further educational and academic goals, advance career and professional goals as well as have an enriched personal life.

One can develop and use the effective writing and research skills to further educational and academic goals through the recognition and analysis of research problems done by the fellow students. The students know the topics that have been handled in the past as well as areas that need further study. It happens after they understand the research context. As active learners, they criticize the context while responding towards it. The goals can also be accomplished through the evaluation of the past research by scholars and getting academic help from the learning materials. It is mainly in expository writing whereby the learner acquires knowledge from the relevant subjects. The active learners may respond towards documentations such as the Google docs while expressing their views on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook groups. An example includes the study on the teaching and assessing writing which can be researched online and discussed in schools (Lester, 2012, p. 19).

Secondly, one can advance career and professional goals through broadening of the usage of the information sources to acquire knowledge. The learners know how to present highly professional information in a layman language and also develop their professional presentation after which their career and professional goals are attained. The students can also plan a career progression as a research skill to improve their presentation to a potential employer. The learners can use the critical reviewing skills for their career and professional goals attainment. More so, they enhance their documenting and reporting skills to aid in the advancement of career and professional goals. It may include the narrative writing whereby the factual stories leading to success are accepted radio listeners, TV viewers or magazine readers as they discuss the impact of the applied strategies in media groups. An example could include the road to success of some of the famous journalists.

Lastly, one can develop effective writing and research for the importance of the enrichment of personal life through organizing one's work and being flexible and open-minded. It develops the ability to learn while improving the self-awareness which dictates self-discipline consequently improving personal life. More so, the techniques trigger creativity and innovation which can improve the current situations and problems surrounding the learner. The information obtained could be as regards a persuasive writing which would entail an array of information as regards the opinion of the writer. It could also entail the descriptive writing which invokes the five senses in relation to the specified details. They give passive audience ideas on how to make choices in different situations. An example would entail the research on a happy family besides a career which could be discussed on various platforms such as sites and blogs. I hope this email is of importance to you as you progress on this unit and the major in general. Best regards.

Sincerely,[YOUR NAME]



Lester, J. D., & Lester, J. D. (2012). Writing research papers: A complete guide. Pearson.

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