What It Means to Be a Champion

Published: 2019-10-04
What It Means to Be a Champion
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Can you spot greatness? Then you've got greatness in you. Yes, you can be a champion you do not have just to be envious of a champion. You recognize champions traits because you have got them in you (Afremow, 2015). A Champion Greatness Yes, the two go hand in hand. Who are champions? They are those who are distinctive in sports, academic, music and other fields those who are exceptional in their thinking those who have shown greatness in their field as individuals or as a team. However, what do they all have in common? Is it easy to become a champion? Yes! It only requires determination, confidence, concentration, commitment, composure and of course positivity. A champion believes he can become and commits to that belief till he does it. He does not give in or give up; he does not compromise.

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A champion's mind is thoughtful, accessible and engaging. A champion has a great tenacity cropping out from what he believes, what he hopes to achieve. He has in a nutshell, an optimistic mindset, a commendable positivity. He can see a victorious end. To be a champion you need to overcome all the negativities. You need to overcome all the pessimistic thoughts, comments, and conditions. You need to shut down the negativities from within, from others and the prevailing conditions. To enumerate, consider the late baseball champion Jackie Robinson. He had all the reasons not to make it, I mean he had all the opposition to bail out since he was black. However, up to date, his efforts are celebrated. April 15, a day put out for his honor ("Jackie Robinson", 2016). Why? He broke the color barrier of in baseball. He became the first African-American player in the 20th century to take the field in the field in the big fields. He became a champion only because he had the proper motivation... the right mindset. A strong mindset that could not accommodate or give to ridicule, one that had a focus and in the hope that one day, through his effort, anyone could get an opportunity to be a champion in baseball regardless of their race. The mindset made him a champion.

In line with his mindset, Robinson depicted a great deal of courage. Do you think it was easy for him to overcome ridicule? Only his wife supported him all through The rest, including his coach, tried to bring him down at some point He was abused; his home was even attacked The whole situation not only affected him alone but extended to his family. In a foreign land, on a foreign pitch, he became champion ("Jackie Robinson", 2016). What did he have that most could not have? What was unique about him? Courage! That is what kept him going. He had relentless courage. He did not fear the harsh words and threats rocketed on him He was courageous enough to thrive in a foreign land against all threats. He became champion because he was courageous enough.

Most compelling evidence of a champion is that of the most prominent violinist in Sioux Country, Iowa. At the age of 18, Frank Vander Maaten was already an accomplished violinist when a terrible accident happened in his fathers blacksmith shop. The four fingers of his left hand, with which he used to touch the strings of the violin, were chopped off! (Garner, 1982) Handicapped? Discouraged? Shattered dream? No! Not in his thinking he instead set off, with more tenacity than ever with much motivation and the right mindset to perfecting on how to play the violin left-handed. He mustered holding the bow in his mutilated hand. He perfected it and in so doing became the most prominent violinist in the Sioux City Symphony He became a winner He became a champion to be emulated by many.

Hellen Keller, a pronounced deaf-blind, tutor, and activist can be termed as an academic champion. She was only 19 months old when she was afflicted by an unknown illness that left her deaf and blind. However, she was extremely intelligent and mastered her surrounding through touch, smell and taste ("Helen Keller Biography and Facts", 2016). Of course, she was ridiculed, but she developed a proper mindset and took advantage of her intelligence. She later committed to learning how to read using the brail and read lips through touch. She became an academic champion since she perfected her art of study to the extent that she could teach it to others. In addition to all this, he was committed to humanitarian pursuits, advocating for economic justice and the rights of women and people with disabilities ("Helen Keller Biography and Facts," 2016). What led to this? Commitment!

Notably, all the mentioned champions have a common trait. They all show a great uniqueness in their field of success. They depict lots of skill and most importantly of talent. Take Frank, for example; he proved to have great talent in playing the violin. He showed the ability to exploit this talent against all odds and that made him a champion. Additionally, Keller showed great academic skill. She exploited here intelligence and was able to understand her surroundings through touch, smell, and taste. Consequently, she is an exceptional academic champion. What of Robinson? It is evident that he had a great talent in his sport. He could play baseball outstandingly he learned this and exploited it to his best. As a result, he became champion; he made a mark worldwide. He impacted change in the worlds baseball sector.

Furthermore, they all display a trait of persistence. This has resulted from their unbeatable attitudes. They have strong characters which are what it takes to be a champion. They do not bend to circumstances. They do not succumb to the negativities or the handicaps that come their way. On the contrary, they adapt to them and find a way to make them champs regardless of their status quo. For instance, Frank lost his fingers but what did he do? He did not give up on his course No! He looked at the bright side his unmitigated hand he saw a good use of his mutilated hand and set out to training on how to play the violin in his current condition. Do you think the training, the perfecting happened overnight? Certainly not, it took him time; he had to be persistent in his training. He had to develop the right attitude, the right character to keep him going Moreover, where did it get him? To the top! He became a champion in playing the violin.

By the same token, Keller did not master the brail nor understand her surrounding with no aid to hear or see in a fortnight It did not just happen... She would have given up and considered herself a handicap but no she developed the right attitude and set out to persistent learning in her condition she took advantage of her intelligence. Only then did she make it to being the most prominent blind-deaf tutor. In the light of persistence, Novak Djokovic who is a remarkable long tennis player recently became a champion in the sport. He managed to beat long-time champions, Rafael Nadal, and Roger Federer. Persistence Yes, it took him 12 years to make it as a champion in the French Opens. His brilliant career can only be crowned as on defined by persistence and his unfailing winning attitude.

To be a champion is a state of mind. If you have made it to this award winning, you are a champion! If you are not receiving any of these awards, you are a champion! You just have not exploited your full potential. You have all got it in you; you can be champions All you need is positivism; confidence; commitment; composure and most of all you need determination ("What Makes a Champion? - Motivation", 2016). Commit to your path, to your dream to your vision do not compromise Believe in you as I believe in you. Moreover, if you believe in you, say Yes I can! If you overcome your disadvantage complex, then you can be a winner. You become a step closer to being a champ. Bearing courage, confidence, positivity, tenacity and commitment is what defines a champion. A strong unshaken character is what it means to be a champion. Yes I can! a phrase that will make you a champ.

To sum it all up, to be a champion means to bear unyielding courage which creates confidence. It means developing a habit of recognizing and responding to any shred of positivity in our minds. It means harnessing our skills, our talents, what we are good at, what makes us happy and committing towards developing them to our best. It means finding the ultimate tenacity of the course we take and visualizing the ultimate goal of our course of action. Only then can we develop the right attitudes which will lead to as being champions. Thank you.


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