Paper on Empowering Education: Applauding and Analyzing the Impact of COVID-19 Child Care Commission Rules

Published: 2023-12-18
Paper on Empowering Education: Applauding and Analyzing the Impact of COVID-19 Child Care Commission Rules
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I am writing this letter to thank you for adopting the Child Care Commission (CCC) Emergency Rules. The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the school calendar and most children are at home in a period that they are supposed to be in school. About 11% of North Carolina COVID-19 cases are children, but the deaths are low because they have a high recovery rate (Perry, 2020). School-age children undergo various challenges during such a pandemic. I am in support of the rules that the COVID-19 committee passed on August 20, 2020.Covid-19 led to massive job loss, increasing the rate of food insecurity. Most children from low-income families while at school are usually under the National School Lunch Program (NSLP). It is more likely that children may face starvation or have low-nutrient meals during emergencies (Schanzenbach & Tomeh, 2020). Most children also may forget learning, especially maths, since not all can be able to learn online.

It has been a challenge meeting the Covid-19 Health and Safety Requirements in childcare facilities on top of the other existing regulations. Under the new emergency rules, public schools will be allowed to enter into an agreement with private learning facilities. The move will ensure that children who attend public schools also learn during such a pandemic. The proposed budget has taken care of every aspect that is needed for the children to continue with education without disruption. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is essential, and they were considered a priority to be funded. To ensure that the childcare staff are motivated, childcare workforce retention was provided. The operational grants that were factored in will ensure that the childcare programs are sustainable ("NC DHHS COVID-19: Child care information for families," 2020). It is good that as a committee, you realized that facilities had lost a significant amount of money due to low enrollment.

I am in full support of your decision as the House Covid-19 committee. It was good for you to consider the school-going children. They are the future of our state, and they should not be forgotten under any circumstances. After the full implementation of the rules, all the childcare facilities will reopen. All children, whether in private or public schools, have a right to education. Previously, only children from private schools were in a position to continue schooling during such emergencies. I hope that you will continue considering the well-being of all children like you have done.

Yours Sincerely,


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Schanzenbach, D., & Tomeh, N. (2020, July 14). State levels of food insecurity during COVID-19: Institute for policy research. Institute for Policy Research - Northwestern University.

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