Free Paper Sample on Implementing Telework at Children's National Medical Center

Published: 2022-06-21
Free Paper Sample on Implementing Telework at Children's National Medical Center
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I am writing to inform you that the implementation of the telework will be a great boost in the service delivery to the patients in the Children's National Medical center. Considering the problems that the workers are facing through such as traffic, lack of time with the family, poor productivity delivered by the employees and increase in the employment, telecommuting will be the best choice to help the employee.

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Telecommute will make the employee be able to work in whatever the place they could be no matter the time. This gives the employee the power to work without necessarily going to office. The advantages that telecommute brings about includes reduction in the time wasting, more time with the family members as well as enhance productivity. Telecommute will ensure that the effectiveness of service delivery in the hospital is upgraded as it also enhances the tracking of the productivity of the employee to challenge them to wok and not miss for any reason.

However, the implementation of telecommute demands that the Medical center to enhance its connectivity as well as provide the platform for telecommute to be effective. Similarly, a proper system should be in place guarded by the trained personnel.

The telecommute targets at enhancing the organization efficiency and at the same time, it ensures employee flexibility and personal life balance. This is desired by any given organization. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss more details about the concept. Thanks for the consideration.

Yours Sincerely,

Carmia Cardoza

Executive summary

Children's National Medical Center succumbs to the various problems that hinder the effectiveness of the services that the patients receive. The increased number of the patients as well as inconveniences that the health care providers get causes the problems. The problems that the Medical Center faces includes; inconveniences in traffic as experienced by the employees, time-wasting in changing from one place to the other, resource straining, and these problems have led to underperformance in the hospital.

The health center should always ensure that the performance is optimum to ensure that the patients are satisfied with the services offered. If by any way the problem sets in, the efficiency is reduced drastically this cannot be overlooked. The basis gives rise to poor services and customers dissatisfaction.

The implementation of telecommuting can, however, cure the problem that the medical center has. Telecommute is where the employee is in a position to carry out their duties in wherever they are as long as the responsibility and assignment they have to perform are adhered to effectively. Telecommute is a desire of many of the employee and by how it works, it has positive aspects that mirror the solution to the problem of the medical center. Telecommute ensures that the employee wastes little or no time at all as well as keep records to ensure that the workers do their job as expected. The Medical center once they have established an integrated network system, it can manage to telecommute and ensure that everything runs effectively. Telecommuting also enhances the productivity.


Children's National Medical center is among the top five children hospital in the United States. It is recently ranked so by the United New because of the increased operation in the service offering to the children. The Medical Centers aims at ensuring that the children get the better serves and are properly treated. The medical center, therefore, has the high number of the children to be attended to. With this respect, the demand for the new employees is needed to keep the pace of ensuring that all patients are attended to and receive immediate medical attention as soon as possible. The demand for the high work to be done also has been a burden to the hospital as the employee is also expected to work so much.

The paper brings forth telework or telecommutes, which can be of positive impact on the hospital. The problem that the Medical center has will be worked upon by the implementation of the telework that transforms into the ensuring that telework properly handles the problems.


The employees are so many in the health centers. These, therefore, create a problem regarding staffing. The demand for the employee is so high due to increase regarding the number of the children seeking medical attention. At the time the number of the employees is being hired as many as possible, the available space that is there to be able to accommodate all of them is not present. Therefore, the space available is squeezed up to fit everyone (Salt, 2014). Owing to this, there is overcrowding in the offices. The employee and health care providers have limited ability to have their personal space and privacy. The overcrowding is so disadvantaging o the employee in the organization. One of the devastating consequences of this is being the faster spread of diseases should any communicable disease be contracted. Nosocomial infections are at an alarming rate in the health centers just being propagated mostly by the health care providers who should be minimizing the disease spread.

Increase in the hired employee brings about resource straining among many employees. The number does not keep up with the pace of the utilization. Amenities in the facility are not able to adequately serve the staffs (Zbar, 2002). The lighting, space, and many resources are strained which reduces the effectiveness.

Factors such as transport jeopardize the increase in the workload that is expected among the healthcare provider. Not all employees can be accommodated in the facilities in the hospital. Therefore most of them tend to cluster in areas far away from the health centers. Most often, the health centers are located areas that are far away from the residential areas. Therefore, the employee spends most of their resources to pay for the transport to and from their areas of stay. The hospital does not offer transportation to the people. The transport cost is incurably the employees (Bernardino, 2017). The financial availability as well cannot be so frequent in all way. There comes a time where the chances are absent, and this becomes a concern as they have to travel and report on the work. It becomes a challenge for the employee, therefore to say to the job.

Traffic can as well cause time wasting. The people are glued to bear with traffic and waste their time entirely in the so-called jam. The jams cause employees to report too late.

The employees have little time to spend time with the family. The employee pays most of the time being at the job only to return to the house when they are tired and when it's late. The employee who could be the father or the mother, therefore, reaches home when they are exhausted. The only thing that is they do is to sleep. Little time is given to other family members. The children have the little attention from either the father or the mother since they no time with the children.


Telecommuting is flexibility. Telecommuting allows for increased flexibility to coordinate work schedules with personal and family priorities (Zbar, 2002). The balance between work and personal duties can help employees gain more control over their lives.

Often overlooked is the impact telecommuting has on the environment. One significant advantage for the environment is the conservation of energy. With a great deal of energy is required to produce a vast amount of vehicles such as automobiles, buses, and subways. The fuel needed to operate these vehicles would be reduced. An employee also is also a great consumer of energy; once, at an office, the office building has heating, cooling, and lighting needs (Bernardino, 2017). When magnified, the energy use can be significant. Whereas working from home requires only a minimal amount of energy use for heating, cooling, and lighting needs. For every advantage, most of the time there are disadvantages associated with it.

Telework has also been found to increase corporate retention and reduce turnover rates, while also attracting employees who might otherwise be unable or unwilling to relocate. A few studies have found that telework reduces turnover (Salt, 2014). These studies suggest that the more hours' individuals' telework, the less likely they are to leave the company (Golden, 2006a). The rationale is that individuals who choose to telework more extensively experience enhanced freedom and flexibility to carry out work and non-work activities as they see fit and remain highly satisfied with this work arrangement. This results in less of a desire to leave the organization.

The growth in telework is occurring globally, including much of Europe, Australia, Canada, and the United States. Several factors have combined to fuel this explosive growth. From responding to employee needs for greater capability in dealing with increased family demands, as the number of dual-career and single-parent households continues to grow improving the environment. Moreover, employees are demanding greater flexibility to accommodate leisure activities and to be able to work independently of location (Zbar, 2002). Companies tend to view telework as a tool to help attract and retain talented employees, who might otherwise be to develop less satisfied with their work and have a higher tendency to leave the organization. It cost far less talent within than to recruit new employees. I hope you consider my request to research teleworking in the workplace.


People won't work- The vast majority of our workforce's productivity is already regularly tracked by auditing claim files- This process will uncover any decrease in productivity. Much of the remaining workforce, like myself, whose workload is project based is simple enough to track based on deadlines.

Less face to face interaction- While I understand and appreciate the importance of this, it is not always necessary. With today's technology a combination of video, chat, email, and phone allows me to communicate almost as well as I can face to face. This also enables all participants to full access to their workstation to work through projects on the fly. There is still going to be a need for face to face- but these meetings can be less frequent and condensed into one or two days instead of spread across the week, allowing part-time telework.

Less management interaction leading to fewer promotions- I don't know if this one is true, but I hear it a ton. I can understand the concept of out of sight, out of mind. But just because you work remotely doesn't mean you can't interact with management. I think I talk to my manager more because I work remotely. I'm also not advocating for all employees to work from home full time- just the option to work remotely part-time.

Agencies are troubled by the security risks by connecting devices from locations outside of the workplace. However, it is suggested that the best solution is not to cancel telecommuting but to create a framework of procedures and security for remote workers that gives IT an effective way of preemptively addressing security concerns (Fell, 2014). Although utilizing IT devices outside of the workplace remains a fear for organizations, they have ultimately become the primary form of communication for employees. New technologies are increasingly integrated into organizations, and the channels of communication available to employees continue to expand (Smith, Patmos, & Pitts, 2015, p. 50).

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