Paper on Embracing Holism in Nursing: A Personal Journey through Watson's Caring Theory

Published: 2024-01-03
Paper on Embracing Holism in Nursing: A Personal Journey through Watson's Caring Theory
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Holistic Nursing Theory

In my nursing profession, I have exercised several nursing theories tailored toward accomplishing holism in nursing. Generally, over the period, I have understood the aspect of holistic nursing and caring for patient's health from both physical, mental, social, and spiritual dimensions. The procedure has enabled me to familiarize and embrace holistic communication, caring, and education. Holistic nursing is a wholly caring technique for patients by considering the physical factors, mental states, environmental, and social factors that affect their health status and healing a patient's body, mind, spirit, and emotions (Shields, & Stout-Schaffer, 2016). Incorporating this procedure, inpatient health care introduces every patient's life aspect which assists in developing an ideal care plan. Reflecting on one's behavior as a nurse helps identify components of ideal health status. The whole procedure pertains to caring for oneself, the patients, and the patients' families.

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Watson’s theory of transpersonal caring closely connects to my nursing experiences (Dossey, & Keegan, 2015). According to the theory, holistic nursing views humans as treasured entities and not objects. Therefore, from the theory, I realized that there must be understanding, assistance, and caring for humans to be treated and perceived as treasures. Watson's theory concepts have made me realize the significance of human and patient caring in the context of holistic nursing (Dossey, & Keegan, 2015). Human caring as a critical competency in nursing can be effectively demonstrated in the interpersonal domain. Holistic nursing enables me to view a patient as a whole and consider that they are made of body, mind, and spirit. Health and responsibility restoration to patients and motivating them to practice self-care are holistic concepts that contribute to self-growth, enhanced self-esteem, and self-sufficiency. In holistic nursing, the relationship between the patient and the caregiver depends on openness and equality, where both the patient’s and nurse’s care and support are equally significant.

My Professional and Personal Holistic Journey

Becoming a holistic nurse is my personal and professional mission in my nursing experience. Taking care of all patient’s needs has helped me improve my nursing procedures. Watson states that holistic care services consider both artistic and scientific nursing procedures. Therefore, being a nurse has inspired me to embrace holism and driven my passion for solely caring for patients, both spiritually, physically, and mentally. In my experience, holistic nursing has helped me improve disease treatment procedures; addressing patients' needs has prevented depression, improved health status, and reduced hospitalization duration. Personally, achieving a positive outcome concerning patient treatment and caring has potentiated and promoted personal growth (Shields, & Stout-Schaffer, 2016). The satisfaction and resourcefulness that come with addressing patient's concerns have motivated me to wholeheartedly embrace my responsibilities as a holistic caregiver. Consequently, it has increased my interest in the profession and inspired me to offer better healthcare services to my patients.

An Example of a Personal Situation

The most recent nursing experience that inspired me to demonstrate holism was attending a car accident patient. The patient has suffered severe bodily injuries and critical psychological traumatization. In caring for him, I applied Watson's theory, which demonstrated the concepts of human caring for the patient's physical body and mental state. I communicated and connected with the patient psychologically and helped him reduce his mental breakdowns. I perceived it to be my responsibility as a holistic nurse to ensure the creation of ideal health.


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