Paper Example on Political Film Project

Published: 2023-01-24
Paper Example on Political Film Project
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America has over time, faced a series of terrorist attacks which has been a serious issue to solve and or address. Many of the American political firms and entities have tried to come up with the necessary measures that will eradicate this issue of rampant terrorist attacks once and for all. The aim is to keep America and its environments away from any possible cases of terrorism. The film that is referred to as the siege has got some kinds of political issues in it to address the constitutional issues in New York to counter the problem of terrorism in a big way.

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In the plot of the film that is known as the Siege, there is a lot of information that proves the politics that the setting of the film has in the line of handling the constitutional related issues as far as the issue of terrorism are concerned. From the film, there are many characters who symbolize the political situation and the way politics in America are being played. In other words, the many characters in the film are displayed to show how efforts are being applied to make sure that the issue of terrorism is brought down (Hall). However, despite all the efforts that are put in place to deal with the occurrence of this terrorism, it remains unsolved and continues to be a big problem to all the American people.

The several changes on some aspects of the constitution have not born any fruit that would help to control and or counter the issue of terrorism in the best way. Most of the measures taken to change the specific parts of the American constitution that touch on the things to do with the terrorist attacks and the effects that result from these attacks has not succeeded in any way and this is the reason why the characters of change in the film Siege are shown not to prosper (Wilkins). This way, the problem of terrorism continues to intensify with time and is coming to a level in America where a lot will need to be done to bring this down.

The content that is contained in the film was objective and is well planned to convey very serious points about the American politics and how change can be and is being applied in the American land all in a bid to try and come up with a very free and peaceful place of living for the people of America. Making the point in simple words, the main objective of the film and the way it is done is to give a clear representation of the political situation that currently prevails in America and the core roles that are being played by the various political parties and individuals to come up with the measures that will eradicate the problem of terrorist attacks (Wilkins). The response of all the other characters of the film also has a great meaning and purpose, and this is in terms of the way the director of the film passes the information regarding the reaction of the people in some cases like when there have been terrorist attacks.

The reaction and views of the American people at all times and especially in cases where there has been the occurrence of terrorist attacks seems different from what is expected as per the film. There are some people who feel that it is the responsibility of their leaders to stand in the gap and make sure that they fight this particular vise by all the possible ways without having to involve all the people into it (Hall). On the other hand, there are others who feel that all the various groups and or categories of people need to take part in the entire process of fighting and countering the terrorist attacks. This is what brings in the different reactions from the other characters in response to the actions taken by the political leaders. Some of the people are for the changes in the aspects of the American constitution that matter and would have a great impact on the issues to do with terrorist attacks.

From the way the author of the film known as the Siege addresses the political situations in America and conveys information about it through the film, there is a prove of the qualifications that this author has in the field of politics. The style and organization of the film show that this author or rather direct has got a good and deep understanding of the way the politics of America are played and how every action taken by the leader's impact on the people (Wilkins). In addition to this, it shows that the terrorist attacks taking place in the American land have got a serious and great effect on the way of living of the people, and therefore the author of the film understands this well and conveys through the film the necessary measures that would have been helpful in dealing with and controlling these terrorism attacks by changing some things. The film again shows that the author well understands the constitution of the American people and can as well identify the weak areas of the constitution which would require to be changed to address the problems facing the people in a positive way.

The way the film has been done; there is the provision of sufficient evidence that supports the main ideas or the points about the American politics, the constitution and the changes that are taking place from time to time. This is seen through the characterization in the entire film and what every one of the characters does in the film. From the film, there are several things that one can learn about American politics (Hall). In the first place, one can learn that politics require a lot to be done and that succeeding in the field of politics to successfully bring a change about something needs a lot. This is evident in the actions of the political characters in the Siege and how they can intervene, especially in matters related to terrorism. Politics is a field that requires a lot and demands for total seriousness for the impact of the actions of the political leaders to be felt. The second thing that the film teaches about politics is that change is a very crucial thing in the success of political views and the accommodation of a continuous change is the only way in which good politics would be played, and that would allow for the success of the best political ideas.

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