Paper Example on Having Computers in the Classroom is Beneficial to Students

Published: 2023-05-29
Paper Example on Having Computers in the Classroom is Beneficial to Students
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Andrei, E. (2019). Adolescent English Learner's use of digital technology in the classroom. The Educational Forum, 83(1), 102-120.

Andrei (2019) provides an analysis of the adolescent English learners' use of digital technology in the classroom. The study looked at how five adolescent English Learners (ELs) in English as a second language class used the existing digital technologies. The landscape in the classroom involved several digital devices that were available. However, their concerted use was left at the agency and the desire of the students and the teachers.

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The article is credible since it is from the Educational Media International journals, which is relied on for quality scholarly journals. The information presented is current since it was published in 2019. This makes the information provided reliable for the topic. The limitation of the study was that it provided a variety of digital technologies and their application in the classroom but failed to provide enough information on how implementing the technology would support teaching and learning.

The article is useful and contributes significantly to the research topic. It analyses the use of technology by students in class and how utilize them to reap maximum benefits. It highlights the initiators of the technology use, i.e., the teacher or the student and its impact on the performance of the students. From the article, personal devices for students provided additional resources that were ready to be used in the classroom for academics. However, if they are not acknowledged, then the opportunity is lost, i.e., the student ELs used their school-provided laptops and personal smartphones regularly for scaffolding processes and entertainment. This indicates the negative impact of having computers in classrooms.

Friedrich, H. & Hron, Aemilian. (2011). Factors affecting teachers' student-centered classroom computer use. Educational Media International. 48(4), 273-285

Friedrich and Hron (2011) investigate the factors that are relevant to enhance the use of teachers' student-centered classroom computers. They use survey data of 361 teachers collected from comprehensive schools and provides a systematic view of the technology use in the schools. The results of the study show that the use of student-centered classroom computers could be predicted significantly by specific contextual factors such as the existence of an ICT policy plan in the school, the type of school, and the characteristics of belief of the individual teacher in the idea and the frequency of the use of computers in the classrooms.

The source is credible, as it is from The Educational Forum which is a reliable platform for scholarly sources. This makes it reliable for the topic. The source is not extremely current since it was published in 2011. However, it becomes useful for the research since it was published at a time when there were intense revolutions in technology and their applications. The possible limitations of the study are that it was restricted to a limited number of factors that were presumed to affect student-centered classroom computer use. Moreover, no analysis of the interactional effects of the factors considered were taken into consideration. Other factors could be of importance besides the contextual factors that were examined by the article.

The article is useful to my topic as it focuses on the factors that affect teacher's student-centered classroom computer use. The factors analyzed, i.e., the individual teacher characteristics and belief in the technology, the type of school, and the frequency of computer use among others would aid in the efficient use of computers in the classroom and its associated benefits to the students.

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