Free Essay: How Do Special Education Students Affect Individual's Society?

Published: 2019-10-16
Free Essay: How Do Special Education Students Affect Individual's Society?
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Certain things make parents fix their children in classrooms although the parents know that their child has got some difficulties in catching up with the rest of the children. They keep on encouraging the children to try harder, and once they have done that, they will get better. What they fall short to understand is that their children will never be equal with the rest. It can be compared to asking a physically challenged person to compete with a reasonable person climbing the stairs. What is given is that the two will climb the stairs, but the physically challenged will climb at a slow pace than the other child. The society should be able to embrace this child the way they are since the fact that that they have reached their destination as the last one doesnt mean that they never worked hard, it only means that they used all their efforts in the best way they knew how.

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The problem is with the parents for living their children lives instead of supporting them to lead their own. Parents design their childrens path and try to fix them so that they can fit a particular group of individuals. All this can be a very disadvantage to the child and the parents too when they see their child struggling academically, socially and behaviorally. The impact can be high since the parent wants the children to live according to what they have set out. The thing that they do not know is that those children only need to be supported and not viewed disappointment or as a dump. The happiness of the parents is to see their children happy and not anxiety when they see their children struggling in schools.

For instance, when a child seemed to struggle academically was when a happy girl named Arian was spotted to be gazing and not listening to the teacher. In her first day at the kindergarten, she wasnt there, just gazing. The symptom persisted and what followed was a hard time for her to focus, following direction constant prompting rush work among others. Out of frustration for what Arians parents felt their daughter ought to b, they were referred to a special school where they were asked a lot of questions they struggled to answer.

Arian was later placed on an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) based on what the parents said about their daughter.

IEP is an advanced program under the federal law that is known as Individual with Disabilities Education Act. It offers unique learning issues and specific educational goals to the child. Going to that specialized school was challenging to the Arians parents due to the funds as it was bound to be expensive. The institution was not supported like the public school systems, and so they had to worry. It is believed that the IEP has failed in the dissemination and accommodating the individual students who do not have to fit in and live a miserable academic life.

One is left wondering if the particular students needs are actually taken care of. The parents of those special children do not need to be frustrated about their childrens performance as their children are just slow. It doesnt mean that when one is slow, it would be hard to reach the destination. It only means that reaching will be late, but the destination will be correct all the same. Its high time that the children are given what they deserve and prevent disappointment and misery to both the children and the parents.

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