National Telephone & Data Mobile Software Division

Published: 2017-11-16
National Telephone & Data Mobile Software Division
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NTD Mobile Software Division

Executive Summary

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National Telephone & Data (NTD) Mobile Software Division is a leader in the provision of a broad range of services that utilize the best software, hardware, and network providers from different parts of the world. We have developed an app called ‘forms,’ which we plan to market by bundling it with a Telstra mobile product and a Tablet mobile device. The app will be primarily used by our customers to gain detailed information concerning the diverse services and products we have as well as update them whenever we have new ones in the store. The success of the application will revolve around providing end users with useful and trustworthy information since the users will gain access to the various products and services we offer. Upon commencing our ‘forms’ app business, we anticipate generating sales amounting to more than $150,000 by the third month and increase our product portfolio by the sixth month to grow our business further.

NTD Products and Services

The ‘forms’ mobile app will be an innovative product that will make it possible for users to gain access to a variety of services by our company including applications, cloud, mobility, IP & Unified Communications, and various online services. For instance, regarding cloud services, the app will provide the clients with both SME and enterprise solutions by assisting them to migrate their on-premise applications to cloud data for efficiency and improved performance. As for applications, the app will link users with customized applications developed by our company, which integrate as well as enhance the prevailing software, hence improve workflows while improving efficiencies (NTD, 2016).

Moreover, the ‘forms’ app will provide modern mobile solutions on a real time basis to support round the clock operations of businesses. Besides, the app will provide customers with opportunities for accessing the IP & Unified Communications sector. This way, we shall manage to provide effective solutions while utilizing the biggest ICT infrastructure, technical workforce, and project delivery in Australia, since we collaborate with Telstra. Lastly, the app will reinforce improved online business activities to allow our customers boost their presence and develop effective strategies for their brand (NTD, 2016).

NTD Market Analysis

The target market for our ‘forms’ app will comprise of individuals and organizations in need of software, hardware, and network services in various parts of the world. We shall target individuals, SMEs, corporations, government entities, and nonprofits since they all need the kinds of products and services we provide. We anticipate gaining a broad client base since the smartphone market has grown considerably worldwide. The major threat we shall face will be the broadening app market, which might pose threats to the success of our ‘forms’ app in the market.

NTD Marketing Plan

To excel in the marketplace as a leading IT firm in Australia and other parts of the world, we shall employ a unique strategy for marketing, which will support product development while at the same time allowing us to acquire clients from grassroots. We shall focus on inviting key influencers to exclusive social gatherings to test the new application. With sufficient budget, we shall ensure that our marketing team will manage to create positive as well as memorable experiences while simultaneously running efficacy tests for the products using the guests in the party. Here, by confirming that we involve guests to take parts in testing the features of the app, we shall manage to create a sense of investment, which shall provide us with opportunities for establishing relationships with early adopters, who will then make a significant contribution to the products’ growth. Furthermore, we shall collect data from customers concerning their experience with the application to allow us to develop useful products in the future. We shall mostly bundle the ‘form’s application with a Telstra mobile product and Tablet mobile device to ensure customers gain access to our app and become familiar with it.

NTD Management Summary

The key player involved in managing the sale of the app launched will be the Sales Manager. The Sales Manager will be responsible for organizing a team of four sales people who will interact with customers via phone. The major objective here will be to ensure that one call by our sales team leads to at least one sale. The Sales Manager will be responsible for ensuring that the salespeople reach their set target to ensure continued growth of the business while at the same time lead the ‘forms’ app to gain increased popularity and acceptance in the marketplace.

NTD Financial Plan

Upon commencing selling the ‘forms’ mobile app business, we shall start with zero sales. The primary source of income will be when users pay to download the application. Initially, we shall price each app at around $2.50 to ensure we gain access to a broad client base. Here, by making sure that we make one sale after each call, we shall manage to grow our customer base to the extent that we anticipate our revenue to increase by around $150,000 each month for three months. We shall also introduce additional services after six months to make sure we grow our business considerably by the end of the year and attain a significant share of the market.


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