Paper Example on Exploring Political Systems: Marxism, Socialism, Fascism, and Democracy in Contemporary Contexts

Published: 2023-10-16
Paper Example on Exploring Political Systems: Marxism, Socialism, Fascism, and Democracy in Contemporary Contexts
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As from the recent past, sociological proponents such as Fredrick Engels, Karl Marx, and more used to analyze class struggle and economic crisis (Engels, 1847). Today there is antipathy between the exchange and use-values. For instance, the use-value of a commodity is noted on the usefulness in accomplishing wants and needs. In contrast, the exchange value of an item is measured by the task force placed in it. In this case, the exchange value becomes independent. From this very gap, Marx derived his concept of economic crisis. The gap between exchange and use value follows its way and irrespective of the basic needs of the people. For example, the Marxism concept has been achieved in Cuba and North Korea. In this paper, the focus is to sketch different political systems using the Marxism concept.

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Is socialism Proved to work today?

Bernie Sanders praised Nordic social democracies that show economic success (Zitelmann, 2019). Today we can say that these societies have been curtailed or ended by capitalism. Currently, government officials are not able to plan for their communities, and it's not that they are bad leaders, but the world today seems complicated. Capitalism has proven to be better in establishing the learning process to assist individuals in coming up with new ideas in which socialism has dramatically failed. Socialism has eliminated profit motivation that drives individuals to learn.

Is it right to say that fascism is back?

Yes, it is back in the historical memory and news. US election of Trump, Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil, and Matteo Salvini of Italy has given rise to the return of Fascism (Zak, 2018). These populists today are winning communication game by shouting the loudest and behaving like fascism.

In a democratic process, political privacy is much criticized in what way?

In the voting system, many people believe that ballot voting facilitates fraud in elections and, if possible, should be in cooperation with other means of verification. For example, cryptographically to protect receipts.


In conclusion, there is aversion between the exchange and use-values. Different political systems use socialism, fatalism, and democracy to accomplish their wants and needs. In this case, the exchange value becomes autonomous for every country.


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