HRM Essay Sample: Recruitment and Retention Best Practices

Published: 2019-05-30
HRM Essay Sample: Recruitment and Retention Best Practices
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Recruitment is the process of attracting, assessing, evaluating and on boarding candidates in a particular line of profession. Retention on the other hand is the deliberate decision of a company to remain with the current staff due to their work quality and performance (Martin, 2014). When recruiting, companies use diverse albeit similar practices. The most frequently cited best practices by most companies include; job interviews where candidate are required to vividly describe their skills, assessments and simulations that gauge specific skills and abilities, and online searching and automatic screening of the candidates curriculum vitas (Martin, 2014). Specifically, there are four best practices that every company that wants to attract the best employees must employ.

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According to Arthur (2012), companies must in their advertisements give attractive information about their services. They should make a catalogue of the incentives and salaries that they offer which is different from their competitors. Secondly, the company should always be mindful of the questions that they ask in an interview. In this regard, they should avoid as much as possible getting too personal. This will ensure that the best will always be attracted to the company. Next they should as much as possible create a relationship with every applicant. In doing so, they should acknowledge the receipt of their application and issue regrets to those candidates who do not make it. Lastly, companies should ensure that they their interview team is highly qualified and competent so as to only employ the best to the organization.

In my organization, efforts have been made to attract top talent for its continued process. The company has made many incentives to the prospective candidates in the catalogues that are issued. However, some best practices are not currently instituted in my organization. These include motivations to the current employees by giving incentives to the top performers, and making good their claim to offer the best salaries. To become a company of choice, my organization needs to constitute a rigorous interview team as well as appreciate all the candidates irrespective of whether they are employed or not. Besides, they might miss a chance today but tomorrow the company might need them.

Workforce Demographics

The composition of the workforce is important because it encourages group work and togetherness in the company. Significant changes are happening in the composition of workers. Due to the right of equality, the current demographics show that a lot of women are entering the job market than the previous year. Even the so called menial jobs are being done by the ladies. Additionally many old generation employees are exiting the job market. Additionally, the youth and women are now asserting their skills in most companies all over the world. Also, the number of employees is exponentially increasing. More job seekers are flocking the companies to be employed (Arthur, 2012).

For those recruiting candidates, the demographic changes will undoubtedly affect them. The employers should now get accustomed to the increasingly huge number of women seeking high end jobs. For the obvious reason of equality and equal employment, those recruiting candidates will have to make an equal selection of both men and women in the workforce. More so, they will also need to have positions for the youth who are aggressively invading the job market either as college graduates or inexperienced men and women. Ultimately, employers will have to brace themselves for the changes in these demographics.

Recruiting and retaining employees can make the difference between the success and failure of a company. There exist countless costs as well as benefits of having a diverse workforce in a company. Recruiting and retaining employees ensures a better understanding of the needs of the clients and thereby enabling proper service to them. The costs of advertising and salaries make the recruitment and retention exercise costly.

Brand Image

The brand image is an important aspect especially when the sourcing of applicants is very competitive. Arthur (2012) argues that a good brand image is likely to attract more applicants than the one without. A good image sells a company. My former company has a lot to do in brand imaging. Instead of using the outdated image which has lost touch with the current generation, the company should invest with the best image consultants to get an attractive and eye catching brand image. Customers are not only interested in the quality of a product but also the image associated with it. A good image enables a commodity to stand out in the market of similar commodities (Bender et al 2015).

The image of my company stands for quality and quick service. Customers expect the company to provide a range of quality services in a short period of time. The mention of my companys name should make people envision a place where they can get service of the highest standard without delay. My companys image has been in existence for a couple of years. Many big companies are changing images to attractive and distinct brands. Companies like Microsoft, IBM and HP have unique and attractive brand images. To improve public perception, my organization needs to take time and device an image that is unique and distinct.


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