Essay Sample on Project Management for Constructing a Stadium

Published: 2022-05-17
Essay Sample on Project Management for Constructing a Stadium
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Scope of Management

Sports in UAE is favorite activities cherished by most of the citizens. The games range from cricket, tennis, cycling, golf, badminton, basketball, hockey, foot and weightlifting. Arab sports culture is unique especially Carmel racing, horse racing and falconry. Building a stadium for Sharjah colleges will be a most significant achievement in the history of the UAE sports infrastructure. UAE is known for hosting big international sports tournaments such as cricket and golf in Sharjah, Dubai and Abu Dhabi (Fried, 2015). Building a stadium that is accommodative of all these games will provide a phenomenal experience for Sharjah college students. The stadium will serve the sports interests of the students and the national teams.

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A design that will have a high seating capacity will be the top priority for the project. The stadium project is scheduled to end by August this year, but occupancy will be in December 2018. The stadium will be able to accommodate 80,000 people as well as host different games at once. Since it is a high seating capacity stadium, developing a superstructure will be on top of the list to ensure firm beam erection.

A well-researched report will be submitted to relevant authorities highlighting the need to construct the Sharjah Higher Colleges of Technology stadium. The report will indicate the specific location to build the stadium. Besides providing a report on the need to create the stadium, a report on the importance of constructing the stadium on learning institution's and national sports clubs will be submitted. The team will hand in the plan on the construction design, photographs, sample drawing, floor plans and the map of the location to the relevant stakeholders and authorities. More so, a report on construction site evaluation especially the topography and stadium compliance statement will be submitted.

The objective of Sharjah Higher Colleges of Technology Stadium is to provide necessary reports and copies of construction site evaluation to ensure compliance and commencement of stadium construction. By delivering all essential documents, it will become easy to meet the demands of the stadium users. Furthermore, this construction project aims to ensure the stadium is completed within the set deadline to avoid stadium usage inconveniences.

Work Breakdown Structure

Since the project consists of a team of four, the chair of construction operations will comprise a unit of two members while the remaining two members will chair the quality management. The four member team will work in harmony during stadium design and stadium development stages until completion of the project. At development stage, the team will draft an agreement with relevant administrative authorities to ensure adequate funding and directive is given to accomplish design and development tasks. More so, forming design criteria based on the previously completed stadiums will ensure costs estimations are accurate and feasible.

The quality management function will involve checking the consistency of the construction process in line with minimum design and development criterion. The quality management team will also ensure use of proper quality materials during construction, fixtures, and fittings. The stadium should meet the minimum requirement standards of occupation, safety and health act (OSHA). The quality management team will also ensure the construction process observes sustainability efforts regarding energy use, utilization of daylight, proper ventilation and lighting systems (De, 2011).

Project Constraints

Disagreement among team members is common conflict in a group of people working as a team. Indigent costs estimation will to high costs overrun. Incurring excessive expenditure during stadium construction might lead to incomplete project work. More so, disagreements regarding the stadium design and the appropriate contractor might jeopardize administrative decisions on quality management. Today, construction projects have been influenced by initiatives such as go green to promote sustainable development. It is a project constraint to ensure less dust and smoke emission from the construction process as well as ensure control of machine sounds; it is an additional cost to the construction operations. It is a further cost because energy, water, and adequate design measures need to be in place.

Every professional has his or her area of specialization during construction operations. From laying the stadium foundation to the final step of fixtures and fittings require diverse technical assistance. It is a challenge to get most qualified professional workers because they are expensive to recruit and hire. At the stage of choosing the stadium design, it requires technical advice on which model is appropriate. More so, coordination of service is not because the construction project will constitute a lot of contracted workers working in different stations. It is also a legal constraint to ensure total compliance with all legal requirements regarding construction of stadiums (De, 2011). It is also time-consuming since constitutional provisions follow bureaucracy. For instance, there is need to comply with design and development authorities in the UAE as well as comply with UAE employment act to avoid legal suits.

Time Management

The project has a short time frame. Therefore, construction operations will commence throughout the weekdays that is Monday to Friday. Time is the most significant factor that requires each project manager to be time conscious. Therefore, by making urgent and timely decisions, the construction operations will flow swiftly.

Resource Management

Construction requires a lot of energy and water supply, therefore managing the water sources will be the top priority to avoid wastage. Financial resources also determine project execution time. Raw materials such as concrete help in making durable and less expensive designs.

Human Resource Management

Constructing a stadium that holds over 70,000 people require a lot of human personnel at different construction sites. Since the number of workers will be extremely many at the construction site, it will need excellent leadership skills to classify workers into various teams each with a leader to ensure achievement of the common objectives of constructing the stadium. The leaders will also be responsible for providing safety advice to the team members to mitigate injury and sudden death that come from falls.

Risk Management

The construction process is always dynamic, therefore, evaluating the risk level in every construction stage is crucial in mitigating the impacts of such risks. In this case, being conscious of the health and safety measures will be critical in all construction operations. Therefore determining the capacity of the soil to hold huge structures as well as radio frequency energy is vital in minimizing health hazards. Other risk management measures will include reducing the worker's vulnerability to electrocution and falls by having a full-time paramedic ambulance services at the construction site. Horrific construction instances come from the use of cranes as well as rigging, therefore, inspecting the crane's weight by a third party increases safety. Additionally, since the construction of the stadium is a massive project, it requires high voltage power. Therefore, it poses a challenge to the need to consider strict electrical safety measures to avoid workers electrocution (De, 2011). All these safety measures will require a prior emergency and safety assessment plans.


It is indeed true that constructing a new Sharjah Higher Colleges of Technology will boost sports in higher learning institutions and the national competitions. However, the construction project requires adequate human and financial resources to meet its target of August completion. Lack of consciousness about the safety control measures during construction results in a high number of casualties and even to an end lead to death. Better construction projects observe quality, a period of construction and compliance with the necessary set standards and authorities. More so, modern construction projects follow sustainability blueprint to avoid cases unsustainability regarding the ability of the stadium to serve the current and future generations.


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