Essay Example on Stressful Incidents of Physical Violence Against Emergency Nurses

Published: 2019-11-18
Essay Example on Stressful Incidents of Physical Violence Against Emergency Nurses
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One of the issues that consistently raise eyebrows in the field of nursing is the bizarre cases of carnal violence against nurses (Warren & Naser, 2014). Considering that they comprise the greater percentage of the medical workforce, it is only necessary that this matter should be handled with deserved delicacy (Figley, 2012). If anything, a compromise on the standards of service delivery due to the effects of violence would be suicidal to the industry. Gillespie, Gates & Berry (2013) sheds more light on this controversy as they venture to provide a comprehensive analysis of this subject in their article, Stressful Incidents of Physical Violence on Nurses.' Fundamentally, the article provides an extensive coverage of acts as well as occurrences that culminate into, acute anxiety, bodily injury, diminished work output and occasionally death.

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There exist some online databases that avail pretty informative peer-reviewed journals and articles on nursing related issues (Fain, 2013). This particular article was retrieved from The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing (OJIN) database. Its reliability has made it a vital research tool in the medical fraternity. It is this attribute that gives it the edge over other databases. Besides being easy to access, it provides a broad range of research materials on the desired subjects. Practically, there are no difficulties involved in search of the relevant articles. For this reason, I see no trouble recommending it to colleagues who are yet to use it. Armed with the appropriate keywords, the right materials are soon acquired. In this case, for instance; nurses, violence, and health used as keywords, yielded almost instant responses.

In regards to the subject matter, this article does not fall short of expectation. It churns out one-off experiences that lucidly depict dire scenarios of violence on nurses most of which are first hand (Gillespie, Gates & Berry, 2013). Most importantly, it doles out the much-needed strategies for avoiding the ever imminent assaults on the unsuspecting victims. Additionally, it provides therapeutic strategies necessary for helping affected victims overcome trauma. However, the articles most obvious inadequacy is its failure to carry out an all rounded research and hence comes off as being biased. Specifically, most participants engaged in its researches are all Caucasian and female. Inevitably, the implementation of ideas highlighted in this article may produce conflicting results or responses when utilized in opposing demographical conditions or areas.


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