Management Essay Sample: The Importance of Organization

Published: 2020-08-13
Management Essay Sample: The Importance of Organization
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Organizing increases the levels of productivity of a team. With delegated roles and efficient use of human resources, the team is at a better position concerning decision making and accountability. In this context, the team can make maximum use of their time to produce the best output.

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Organizing a team will lead to the efficient use of human resources. Organizing will lead to the placing of the right people in their best roles. The individuals will therefore be in a position to provide their best output.

Organizations enable facilitation of management of operations. In organization, work and roles are clearly defined. The roles are assigned to individuals or teams and expectations established. Members of the team benefit from being assigned appropriate tasks and responsibilities.

Organization assists in developing growth and diversification. With efficient organization, the available resources can be used to achieve the maximum returns. . Subsequently, the organization can work towards acquiring more resources.

Decision making is carried out all around the team. With efficient organization, the team members are delegated duties and authority to make decisions. Subsequently, roles can be carried out with the utmost efficiency and convenience.

Organization is a mechanism for management to take necessary action in the directing of the team towards its goals. Tools such as direction, motivation, coordination and control are essential aspects of organization that lend the team a assistance towards its objectives.

Organization also prepares an organization to be in a position to cope with change. when changes take place in the teams operating environment, the clearly laid out structures enable the team to incorporate the changes in their structure. Where changes affect the whole team, they can be communicated clearly due to the established communication mechanisms. Where changes only affect a section of the organization, the same can be acted upon accordingly.

An organized team is more professional than a team that lacks organization. Subsequently, with a professional approach, the team is at a better position to attain their goals.

Organizing is an important and the only tool to achieve enterprise goals. A sound organizing helps the management in many ways. It defines various activities and their authority relationships in the organizational structure. It can avoid confusion and delays as well as duplication of work and overlapping of effort. It is the mechanism by which management directs, controls, and coordinates the various activities in the enterprise.

Organizational structure defines the positions of the job and the managers roles. Only then, it is possible to achieve co-ordination. Hence, well-defined powers aid in inevitably augmenting mental fulfillment and a concerns safety and this factor is very vital for fulfillment of any job.

Organization leads to development of personnel through specialization. By organizing a team to carry out routine tasks, the team member working on a specific task will develop better ways of carrying out the tasks. Subsequently, organization can be attributed with fostering innovation and creativity.

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