Essay Example: Organizational Demographics and Nursing Strategic Plan

Published: 2019-09-12
Essay Example: Organizational Demographics and Nursing Strategic Plan
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The basis of this research was to evaluate the alignment of the strategic plans and priorities in the nursing discipline with the strategic plans of the nursing organization itself. Within this context, the significance of nursing strategic plan being matched to the organization's broader strategic plan is explored through the defining the nursing demographics as well as the nursing strategic plan. The goal is to show that the harmonization of the nursing and organizational plans and priorities empower the nursing discipline to delineate its distinctive role within the nursing organizations philosophy. This essay will also describe how the organization plans to achieve its own mission and vision as well as the steps in achieving these goals.

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Nursing is a very dynamic profession that constantly undergoes dramatic change. This may be attributed to the expansive growth in knowledge as well as technological advancements that foster a great emphasis on the improvement of healthcare quality. Due to the delicacy of the profession, it requires apt policies and strategies to be formulated and implemented as a means of achieving institutional goals. However, an emphasis has been laid on the need for these strategies to be matched with the organization's overall plans and priorities for better healthcare performance. This research will explore the organizational demographics as well as the nursing strategic plan of St. John Hospital and Medical Centre by looking into their respective aspects that play significant roles in providing quality healthcare.

Organizational Demographics

The Setting of the Healthcare Organization

The St. John Hospital and Medical Centre is one of the well-known medical centers that serves under the St. John Providence healthcare system. It is located in the city of Detroit, Michigan in the Unites States of America. It is a prestigious medical facility that has made a lot of investments in providing quality healthcare services to the community. This is because it offers a wide range of services by using highly qualified nurses, specialists, and other staff members, and also uses the state-of-the-art medical equipment. The institution offers a healing environment with a compassionate system of health care delivery to the population of sick persons in Detroit.

Mission, Vision, and Values of the Organization

The institution's mission is to create a cooperative twenty-first-century system for enhancing community health. This is through acquiring modern technology equipment and training nurses for the sole purpose of producing a sustainable improvement in health care services and quality of life for all patients. Their vision is to develop an energetic community that engages all individuals regardless of age to experience optimal health and well-being (Brown, 2016). Their organizational value is to encourage a high quality of life by providing accountability in offering health and human needs, which is demonstrated through measurable progress in the well-being of the community. They are also keen on offering high expectations by providing exceptional healthcare services.

Products, Services, and the Population Served

The St. John Hospital and Medical Centre offers a wide range of services that encompasses both health and human services, which it offers to the seven-hundred thousand residents living in Detroit. These include medical services such as in and out-patients services, cardiology, oncology as well as neuroscientific medical services. The facility also primes in cancer treatment, providing women services pediatric services as well as minimally invasive and robotic surgery. It also houses a level II trauma center which is accredited for the treatment of heart failure and chest pain center. In addition, the institution has a healthcare teaching facility that focusses on educating the community members. The hospital has a licensed bed capacity of seven hundred and seventy-two patients. This capacity is sufficient to offer various inpatient services.

Structural and Operations Relationship

The institution is well equipped with adequate staff members each with a specific set of competencies that they use in the performance of their duties in providing healthcare services. This makes up an efficient organizational structure where every individual possesses their specific job descriptions within the hospital (American Nurses Association, 2016). On the other hand, The Operational relationships of the organization flow from the governing board all the way to the utility workers such as ambulance drivers, watchmen as well as the daily workers. These relationships facilitate a proper chain of command whether in terms of management of in terms of providing services within the institution. The diagram below is a chart showing the Structural and operational relationships within St. John Hospital and Medical Centre.

The Organizations Strategic Plan and Priorities

The St. John Hospital and Medical Centre developed several strategic objectives which they hoped to achieve between 2015 and 2018. Some of those strategies included the expansion and sustenance of quality medical service delivery as well as the upgrade of their information and technological systems to the national standards. The institution also plans to carry on with the development of hospital infrastructure to strengthen their quality of services and offer positive patient experiences. These strategies provide a direction for the institution that reflects the needs of their patients as well as well the commitment of their staff in warranting the providence of safe and high-quality medical care (Conway-Morana, 2012).

Nursing strategic plan

How Nursings Mission, Vision, Values, And Strategic Plan Reflect and Support the Organizations Strategic Plan and Priorities

The missions, vision, and values in the nursing practice dictate very high standards regarding the provision of medical services, including the patient outcomes. It suggests that proper healthcare services are to be provided through contemporary advancements in the nursing practice (McMurray & Clendon, 2011). In addition, it proposes the provision of compassionate healthcare that promotes healthy living. These facts mirror the 3-year strategic plans and priorities that have been developed by St. John Hospital and Medical Centre. They both emphasize on quality and safe health care provision through innovations in the nursing practice. This is by upgrading to new nursing knowledge and technology as well as staff development.

How The Organizations Senior Leaders Develop the Strategic Plan

The management committee is the body that was charged with overseeing the development process of the institution's strategic plan. Other key stakeholders such as the medical board, the department heads, the patient partnerships groups and strategy committee also took part in the development of the plan in a consultative position. This is because they possess all the relevant information for devising new strategies. Once the strategies were laid down, the draft was circulated for reactions and comments which would later be reviewed and considered in developing the final plan.

How The Strategic Plan Aligns with Its Mission, Vision, And Values?

The institutions mission advocates for adequate investment in the efforts to improve the quality of healthcare it provides. The strategic plan aims to achieve this by developing a high level of sustenance in delivering medical healthcare services and upgrading their informational and technological systems. True to their vision, the hospital plans to improve the hospital infrastructure to enhance patient outcomes for all those that they serve. Also, as their values dictate, their strategy primarily seeks to progress its medical services to high-level quality and to have an overall positive impact on the communitys well-being.

How The Strategic Plan Is Communicated?

When communicating the strategy, the message was prepared in a simple manner but which possess a deeper meaning for the organization's staff. This primarily ensures that the relevance of the strategy to the employees is established in a way that makes them care more about the organization as well as the tasks they perform (Stroh & Reilly, 2011). This is coupled with the inspire-educate-re-enforce framework that builds optimism amongst the staff. The framework also trains the workers on how best to execute the strategy and rewards those who positively contribute towards its achievement.

How Nursings Strategic Plan and Quality Plans Are Used to Improve the Effectiveness and Efficiency

Human perspective

The strategic plan is responsible for identifying the people with the suitable knowledge, skills and experience to aid in delivering the set objectives. This is when they are furnished with the necessary information and technology systems which would aid them to work efficiently.

Financial Perspective

The strategic plan also defines how the available finances resources of the institution will be used to carry out the identified tasks in an efficient and effective manner while considering the pressures on public finance (Tones et al., 2013).

Technological Perspective

From this perspective, the technological advancements in the field of nursing that are aimed at bettering the quality of service to patients are usually discovered in the process of collecting information for developing new strategies. As such, this new technology helps to improve efficiency as well as effectiveness in nursing care services.


In light of the above, the significance of the complementary/supporting relationship between the mission, vision, and values of the organization and those of the nursing practice is evidenced. This is because of the similarities that subsist between them that aim at developing a high quality and safe healthcare services, which produce positive patient outcomes. However, the importance of the proper development of a nursing strategic plan, as well as the manner in which it is communicated cannot be undermined. They play an important role in improving the efficiency and effectiveness in providing nursing care practices using the available financial and human resources as well as the current level of technology.


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