Paper Example: Support and Mentor a Struggling Staff Member

Published: 2023-03-29
Paper Example: Support and Mentor a Struggling Staff Member
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It is always for administrators to lead by example and has the responsibility of making the followers understand the importance of the position they are holding in the organization. The organization expects a lot from other team members and therefore a struggling team member to meet the expectation of the job should receive support to ensure that the team meets its goals. The two important issues that are common to the position of childcare include time management and handling misbehavior.

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Time Management

Time management is necessary when taking care of children. Poor time management makes someone use the whole day without completing any important task required of him or her, as a result, the day becomes chaotic. It is, therefore, necessary for all staff members to spend their time wisely to complete all the assigned tasks when in the position of childcare. I realized that over the past, Jane has not been attending to her duties at the right time. She has been coming to work three times a week and this delays her classroom schedules.

In the first week, the assistant director and I meet with Jane for short briefings on her current work attendance. Initially, I started by thanking her for the kind of handwork and participation in the annual events for mothers. I will ask Jane to set her goals right on what she wants to achieve on a daily basis so that all the childcare duties are attended to at the end of the day.

I would ask Jane to set and define both short and long term goals in clear and attainable terms. I would also ask Jane to prioritize wisely so that urgent and important tasks are completed first before the end of the day. My advice to Jane is that I would ask her to try to avoid unnecessary distractions that would make her not attend to her duties. Finally, I would talk to her in the best way she can track her time well. This would help her gauge the amount of time a single activity requires. I would ask Jane to apply these strategies in her work and I am sure she will manage her time wisely.

Handling Misbehavior

Children with disruptive conduct create havoc in classrooms. These kinds of behavior are likely to create a power struggle between the teacher and pupils therefore it is essential to be more careful to ensure that such misbehaviors are handled carefully. Since Jane is struggling to handle misbehavior in her classroom, I would help her coup with the situation. I would ask Jane to employ various strategies that would help her handle such cases easily. I would ask her to respond to such actions verbally by asking the children to get back to their classwork. It is appropriate to address the child with the misbehavior directly as provide a proper explanation that such behaviors are inappropriate. I would also ask Jane to change the location of the children in class when a verbal response could not work. Ensure that children who usually sit in front are asked to sit at the back. The next course of action that Jane should know is to set a limit and eliminate all kinds of privileges that students usually have. This will ensure that the students remember or relearn the rules that they should follow when in the classroom.

Response to Aldona PloplysStaff members have personal issues that bother them both at work and in their social life. while most company policies involve asking employees to resign or take a leaf of absence, employers should help the employees find the root cause of their absenteeism and misbehaviors help them address the issues. Developing an employee management program aimed at training and developing them can significantly contribute to the company's bottom line. In case the company cannot find an external mentor, the employer should develop a mentorship program that directly addresses the root causes. By discussing with the employee's time management skills, it will be easy for the employee to adjust his schedules in line with the daily duties and responsibilities.

Response 2

The employees should prioritize his tasks and duties based on the importance and expectations of the company. employees are less likely to misbehave if they have an adequate understanding of their tasks and are equipped with the skills to execute their duties. It is also important to note that the employee's performance monitoring and evaluation are important. Employees too need constant feedback on their performances. Additionally, the employer or manager should neatly keep in touch with the employees to offer them moral support, individualized consideration, intellectual stimulation, institutional motivation, and idealized influence.

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