Texting While Driving - Free Essay with a Reply to a Paper

Published: 2019-11-07
Texting While Driving - Free Essay with a Reply to a Paper
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A closer look at the analysis made on the images, I am convinced that loss of lives arising out of road accidents is the fault of the drivers who do lose concentration on the roads because of using their phones. I agree with the author that the images present a very strong argument and support towards road safety. I am surprised how people are not concerned with the protection of their lives as well as those of others on the roads. The extent of the actions that they execute on the roads while driving are not only surprising but also careless. However, I posit that there are other factors that are responsible for the acute and severe road accidents that result to fatalities. I agree that texting while driving is one the major causes. Drivers seem to worry about other factors such as failure to follow the traffic lights, and intoxication and forget that texting while driving is one of the major causes that they should stop.

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When I look at the images that are presented in the book titled Prentice Hall Reference Guide, I cannot agree more that there is a need for people to understand that the small things that they do on the roads are the most dangerous. I fail to comprehend how they even passed in the driving school exams and how they were deemed fit to drive on the roads. As a result, I become concerned about the quality of training that is offered by the driving schools and the suitability of the trainers. I therefore, contemplate on proposing an assessment of the quality standards of such driving schools as well as the qualifications of the trainers. Moreover, it is my view that strict regulations should be imposed on driving schools so that not even an individual should be allowed to step on the roads without proper training and qualifications.

On the assessment of the other picture on page 79, I do not agree that the information provided is of an educative nature to drivers and other people on the roads. Although I agree that that the images can be viewed as, giving critical information, there is little persuasion on the images and, therefore, there is a need to make the presentation more persuasive via the use of more distinguishable colors. More specifically, a look at the twenty-three yellow crash colors from a far distance confuses the drivers. I also agree that the presentation of the image is unethical as it is unappealing and unconvincing. A clear presentation of information that appeals to the intended audience is necessary.

In conclusion, I agree with the evaluation of the images on how the first one is appealing while the second one is unethical and improperly presented. Texting while driving is a common behavior among drivers that can be discouraged through media campaigns. These campaigns would seek to educate the public and the drivers on the importance of following the traffic rules and maintaining ethics on the roads. The presentation of images of the victims of accidents arising out of texting while driving can serve to deter and discourage such behaviors in the future. Subsequently, drivers would fear and avoid such behaviors. However, I agree that the second image has a poor presentation that will not achieve its purpose.


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Nemme, H. E., & White, K. M. (2010). Texting while driving: Psychosocial influences on young people's texting intentions and behaviour. Accident Analysis & Prevention, 42(4), 1257-1265.

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