Essay Example on Designing Modern Transport System Friendly to Pedestrian

Published: 2019-09-05
Essay Example on Designing Modern Transport System Friendly to Pedestrian
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The project focuses on developing a modern transport system that will be convenient to pedestrians. The system will link the two cities Auckland and Parnell; this will enhance the pedestrian connection between the two city cultures. The location of the proposed project will be situated advanced land on the peripheral of both the city and Parnell. This is the rehabilitated land of the former mechanics bay. The project is expected to enhance the mode of transport between the city and the surrounding area. The transport system dubbed (TOD) is a construction designed to maximise convenience to public transport system. Also, it will get the lead of transport pollution that emits carbon (II) Oxide and Particulate Matter (PM) in the Ambient Air of Population Living near the Increased Traffic Areas Auckland, New Zealand that lowers the quality of life in the city. The permanent features in this project will be transport stations located in the central position of this project. The focus will be on pedestrians as it will be a workable construction. The construction will be within the location of 15 min walk catchment station around the city. The passage-oriented project consists of a detailed investigation of the location of the area concerning its transportation of activity and function issues.

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From a long time ago Auckland has been known as city developing to be a place of growth. The city is located in New Zealand. The European culture has influenced the culture of the city to develop as a modern city. This has forced the city to adopt a modernist approach to planning. Due to the above factors, the city is planned as a central business district. The majority of the constructions are business offices and suburbs area is residential. The expansion is located within and around the city. In all those sections, the mode of transport is private automobiles for moving from one area to another. Irrespective of the distance the mode of transport is using automobiles. On the outcome of this planning is that people mainly relies on an automobile that causes road jam and emission of carbon monoxide. The carbon monoxide is as a result of traffic pollution to make the matter even worse is that such pollution is responsible for respiratory symptoms among students specifically in deprived regions. The other problem is a rapid development of buildings; this makes the city be for this mechanical devices rather than people. This decreases the quality of the city where vehicles are the dominant figures in the city rather than people. Auckland is one of the cities with poorly constructed cities this makes is it to be car biased. This modern type of transport system is planned to enhance mode of transport whereby people will be able to move from long distances to come to work in the city rather than living in the cross proximity to town.


The main aim of his project is to recommend a modern mode of transport comprising of a different mix of utility located within his peripheral of the urban city. Its goal is to recommend for pedestrian links between the city and the surrounding suburb areas of Parnell. The formation of mixed use, passage focused on construction that seeks to reduce the problems resulting from current urban strategy, traffic pollution, sprawls, and the increasing of carbon (II) oxide and particulate matter that increases the degree of temperature in the environment. The project proposal is intended to propose methods once implemented will solve the current problems and increase the quality of life in the city. This research problem will focus on the specific matter that is fixed through my project.

They way quality of life can be enhanced both in Parnell and Auckland

What space and amenities can the new recommendation society offer to the Parnell and city

Point out the city weaknesses that can be solved by traditional approach

Identify the most suitable design method in terms planning and function to realize this incorporate of a various urban culture of the Parnell and Auckland.

Project Objectives and Aim

The aim of this project is to explore the most suitable method to resolve the problem that results from current city planning. Grafton Gully separates Auckland and Parnell from each other, and Parnell area is the oldest suburb area of the city. Parnell is the current linked to the CBD through Eastern route of Parnell rise that passes through Beach Road across an important cross juncture. This project recommends a new advanced city community within this location to get the lead of this separation and construct a suitable pedestrian connection between the Parnell and city through this current chaotic pedestrian situation.


Hypothesis attempts to give a possible explanation of a given situation. This project will seek to answer the following questions

What causes traffic jam in the city?

What is the available remedy to mitigate the existing problem?

How much is needed to implement the modern transport system?

Will the proposed plan able to solve completely the current problem?


Research for design

The fiction study has established a consideration of the problem obtained from the existing strategy approach planning and the relevant city design method and technique that contribute to eliminating the problems and coming up with a positive city design venture. The literature study will be used to develop the design plan that will work to support the architectural proposal.There will be detailed research for the surrounding environment of the city that will be important to this project as it will provide crucial information for project implementation and city analysis. A combination of sketching, physical, and digital modelling of suitable scales will be used throughout the exploration procedure. Design matter, for instance, developing positive outdoors spaces, planning, vistas, and spaces will be resolved to provide the architectural result to be represented in the last examination.

Research by Design

The main part of this project will design itself. It will revolve around translating the knowledge and theories obtained from the literature study and site examination into an architectural resolution. An amalgamation of physical, drawings and digital mass modelling of suitable scale will be applied throughout the examination process.


Details Amount

Conducting research in the Auckland and the surrounding suburb area $80,000

Architectural modelling of the proposed project $80,000

Total cost of carrying out research, printing, and amount of hiring additional researchers for collecting data $40,000

Total Amount $200,000


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