Paper Example. Operating System Interfaces

Published: 2023-09-24
Paper Example. Operating System Interfaces
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The chief of motherboard engineering has the most viable suggestion on the essential developments in the organization regarding technological changes. The radical changes that she proposes concerning the peripheral component interconnect (PCI) are among the central focus of many organizations. The proposed development on the interface for the hardware has the advantage of increasing the PCI transfer speeds by approximately double digits. Thus, the company’s motherboards will have high performance resulting from these proposals without the adverse effects of negativity on the PCI standards. A critical analysis of the proposal indicates that the engineer pays attention to transfer speeds, compatibility with the current PCI standard, and significant development on the hardware, which are the current market needs.

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Several reasons are available for backing up the chief of motherboard engineering’s proposal. First, the fact that the organization is making changes to the products focusing on market forces makes it a viable decision. Consumers globally are looking for products that operate with higher transfer speeds and internet connectivity. Therefore, adopting the suggestion means the company will have a competitive advantage in the market. Secondly, the proposal addresses an essential aspect of compatibility in the development. It aims at making changes that will not bring about technical challenges in the current applications. Thirdly, the PCI architecture, besides impacting the internet and transfer speeds, has the added advantage of changing the outlook of the hardware. Thus, the suggestion not only addresses the issue of transforming the gigabyte speeds per second but also influences the acceptability of the component by impacting its aesthetic values. High speed, lack of compatibility issues, addressing consumer needs, and influencing hardware development are the primary reasons for endorsing the chief of motherboard engineering’s plan.

The chief of portability engineering has an excellent proposal regarding the development of the organization’s portable operating system interface (POSIX) interface. The suggestion aims to make the POSIX interface flexible by creating a common operating system for developers operating on Windows as well as those on Linux. Thus, the suggestion increases the ultimate benefits of multitasking, multiple users, and minimal memory utilization. However, these proposed developments fail to address the most recent technological, market, and application needs. POSIX has been in the realm of computer and IT development long enough. It has since then become common. Although the suggestion is worth looking into, it has less financial and market move in comparison to the radical modifications proposed concerning the peripheral component interconnect (PCI).

The instruction set architecture (ISA) proposed by the chief of microprocessor engineering has significant technical benefits to the organizational development and increasing usability of the company’s products. However, the development fails to addresses key issues relating to the ISA architecture, including a lack of flexibility when accessing the stacks randomly. The next-generation development proposed requires a more extensive and complicated process. Therefore, it will have a more attached financial cost compared to the rest. Additionally, the bottleneck resulting from short instructions can prove to be ineffective in the long-run.

In a nutshell, the chief of motherboard engineering’s proposed suggestion is the most viable, both technically, financially, and economically among the three. I would recommend the implementation of this suggestion as it has more benefit to the company. It also adheres to the critical elements of those organizations working toward technological improvements that have to focus on.

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