Occupational Safety and Health Essay Example

Published: 2022-05-03 23:16:30
Occupational Safety and Health Essay Example
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What security aspects and factors need to be considered in relation to the WHO/OHS regulations

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There are several factors that the officer need to consider in relation to the above factors and this include:

Each and every designer needs to clearly define and at the same time to communicate the role of each and every person that is involved in the handling of the goods in transit.

There should be a proper and confidential legal way of maintaining the confidentiality of a person using such services like security code.

There should be a proper procedure and principles of handling the situation to reduce the build-up of the cash.

An officer should ensure that the goods are offloaded to a place which is risk-free. And this can be achieved that security is upheld.

Occupational safety and health should also ensure that they protect the customers and many other people who in one way or the other may be affected by the workplace environment.

They should also at the same develop a work plan or a work culture that points in a direction to ensure the employees and the customers safety are highly taken into consideration and due to this the officer on transit should at any time be equipped with modern detective and control machines that offer the organisation the maximum available security.

Assess the accessibility and the security of the loading site that you choose?

The loading site should be properly checked to ensure that it is accessible and at the same time the rout and the timing is predictable

You should also ensure that there is a location for the parking of vehicles, client entrance and also exit

There should be a perfect entrance and exit that are clearly marked and are accessible.

The loading site in place should have a clear and free access but this should be enhanced by a proper security and trained monitoring system to ensure that the security of the personnel working there is maintained.

The place should also have an ample space that will ensure that the movement is faster as a faster operation is one one of the key component to ensuring that security is maintained and at the same time help the company to save time and due to this they will really enhance the profit due to good operation.

Identify an alternative loading site in the event that the original loading site becomes inappropriate

The alternative loading site should have all the requirement that will ensure that the security of the customer is maintained. And due to this reason in case that the original site becomes inappropriate due various factors such as safety then there comes a need to move to the new loading site.

The new loading site should have an ample space for the faster moving of the goods due to the fact that the faster access of the services by the customers is also one of the key factors in consideration that swill ensures that security is maintained in that particular place.

Example of different responses necessary to control the different security risk

The various response includes

Find out generally what courses the harm

Assess the risk and find out how you can mitigate it

Take a proper action to ensure that you technically control the risk

Identify the operation that should be made and the key operational checks that the security need to hand in relation to the


The general personnel armor body in case that is approved by the relevant security


They should ensure that all the vehicle are mechanically sound and that they are well maintained and serviced and are safe for operation

delivery of consignments

The delivery of the consignment should receive the maximum security to ensure that they are safe.

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