Paraphrasing Essay Sample

Published: 2017-08-12
Paraphrasing Essay Sample
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The type of work that a person engages in has long been used to segregate and cluster people into different classes depending on whether the work was manual or not. Manual work, which requires more effort and strength to carry out has in the past been considered to be for slaves and not for people who enjoyed their freedom. The ideology was to change later with the onset of Christianity that made it possible for people to view work differently. The New Testament and the gospel that came with it portrayed work in a different light as Jesus, the son of God, and who is considered God came in human form and undertook a difficult and highly manual carpentry work. He was a carpenter during all His life changing people's perspective and view of work from that of an objective to a subjective one. The gospel highlighted in the New Testament entails that the dignity and value of any work are supposed to be defined subjectively by the fact that the work is being done by a human being and not objectively by the type of work done. According to the Gospel, work should be valued based on the fact that it's being undertaken by a person (subjective) just like God did, and not whether the job is manual or not (objective).

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