Free Essay Sample on Situation Clinical Encounter

Published: 2023-11-09
Free Essay Sample on Situation Clinical Encounter
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At my placement, I was associated with a patient who had leg ulcers. This patient could not move up. I was associated with her consideration, serving, and performing aseptic injury dressing (McCormack et al., 2017). At where the regular release date was expected, it was then essential to hold a family meeting with the patient, her little girl, and her accomplice, who has a learning incapacity just as with the multidisciplinary group (MDT). (Adderley, 2015) The MDT individuals were social administrations, word related specialists, physiotherapists and I with my tutor. The pith of the gathering was to decide the release area for the patient. The social administrations did MCA on the patient's accomplice who had a learning handicap to check on the off chance that he could adapt to the obligation of supporting his accomplice after release.

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The accomplice's capacity to deal with accounts was additionally evaluated. The physiotherapist surveyed the role of the patient to weight tolerate and what sort of gear could be utilized for various exchanges a home. The word related advisor had just studied the property of the patient and felt it should be changed following suit the necessities of her present idleness status (Todd, 2016). Be that as it may, setting up with essential hardware would take some time, and the patient would be in a transitory convenience until the house is settled. The patient was additionally given the decision of moving to a nursing home where she could have a superior personal satisfaction as far as care (Nazarko, 2016). However, she disagreed and demanded heading off to her own home even though she had been educated concerning the restrictions of care that would be gotten, as she needed to oversee without anyone else most occasions and accomplice is not permitted to do any manual lifting.


Communication is a piece of exercise that people participate in, and everybody except barely any individuals perceives it can characterize it agreeably. Human interaction is portrayed as the way toward building up significance through cooperation that is emblematic (Mather et al., 2016). Communication stresses on the procedure by which data is traded between two individuals or more. The significant focus on a nursing staff or any medicinal services expert is to guarantee that patients are occupied with successful correspondence. Any therapeutic services specialist working in any social insurance setting must have the option to use various kinds of relational abilities in an assortment of connections.

Thinking about the socially differing populace, which we need to manage as medicinal services experts, communication needs to be viable and proper to the necessities of the administration's clients.

Culturally diverse correspondence represents a ton of issues in the medicinal services setting, and language boundary is a significant issue. (NICE, 2016) I had a moment at my position where a Chinese lady had a problem imparting her needs to us, and we needed to get her better half in to decipher. He was not unreasonably familiar, but instead, we needed to utilize socially suitable techniques to get and give data to convey individual-focused consideration to the patient. (Guest et al., 2015) Only as of late at arrangement a gathering of nursing staff were enlisted from Spain to come and work in the UK and prepared by my emergency clinic, language boundary was such a significant issue as they couldn't without much of a stretch communicate, and this represented an issue when they were attempting to speak with patients too. Luckily, we were exceptionally understanding, as were the patients. (Weller et al., 2019) The national perspective for communication makes it compulsory that correspondence needs to be dissected, and appropriate strategies are utilized to assist patients with communicating adequately.

Staff is likewise expected to discuss viably with each other to ensure human services are coherent for everybody. The proper part of correspondence includes the documentation, sharing of data during handover, overseeing grievances, and revealing of episodes and concerns.


The risk factor included home-based patient care. It was realized at the time of discharge, where the patient refused to visit the nearest community clinic for a personal check-up (Frykberg & Banks, 2015). This research showed that the patient preferred our services and not any other. The risk that could incur in this situation was the reoccurrence of ulceration at the point of healing. We had to arrange for weekly monitoring by sending one of RNs and physiotherapist to ensure that the patient is progressing well. This data was to provide the full recovery of the patient and avoid reoccurrence of the leg ulcer that may lead to surgery or even plague.

Nursing Practice

I have learned that dealing with some health issues such as the case above, needs more considerations and skills. My consultation would differ from the formal models in that I would deal with it at a personal level, in regards to age group, condition of the client, and socio-economic background. General information of the client is what it should be focused on things like how they have suffered, how it has been hard to get help from family and trials and errors made while trying to fix things right.

The medical clinic crucial to lessen wellbeing variations in this manner, I would oversee each attendant's concentration to guarantee that all people accomplish similar medicinal services administrations. Furthermore, the presentation of the electronic clinical record framework was planned for creating human services benefits; however, above all else, to make sure about the protection of patients. In this way, before delivering any information concerning the patient, I would consider counseling the patient for approval to impart to different specialists. Through proficient and educated correspondence utilizing the correct channels to the pertinent beneficiaries makes for standard and quality nursing execution with positive outcomes watched. In that capacity, with the accessibility of clinical materials progressed by these nursing informatics pioneers combined with the significant clinical divisions, the formalization of clinical practices is well headed to fruitful execution.


The use of cutting edge persistent upkeep arrangement designs offers an opportunity to investigate how supportive medical attendants are overseeing a change in the clinics having a comprehension in social insurance framework rehearses suppliers an instrument of the board of the office. As a nursing pioneer, I would prefer giving benchmarks in improving medical attendants' encounters. In the part of settled cost-decrease, the least enrollment powers are fundamental to defend the government assistance of patients and RNs. Adequate RNs and LVNs are imperative to improving customer upkeep, and attendants' food, while helpless enrollment makes dangers, and unsettles RNs from their occupation. Maintenance and standard administrations require sufficient attendants' enrolment to challenge developing incessant sicknesses.


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