Essay Example on Abortion Experience

Published: 2018-09-05
Essay Example on Abortion Experience
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Pregnancy challenges

I went through many challenges and experiences before the termination of my pregnancy. The first challenge was a lack of support from my family who were the only people who could have supported me. I knew they would never approve of my pregnancy and kept quiet; I had to look for some other ways and lucky enough I found a friend to support me. My boyfriend who wanted me to maintain the pregnancy could not support me either, and so I only depended on my friend.

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The other challenge I faced was a lack of adequate money. I did not have enough money and no one was willing to help me in raising the money for the process which required quite a lot of money. My parents knew nothing about my situation and the boyfriend was not ready to help. The situation forced me to steal some money from my parents an experience which left me with a lot of guilt and regret since I had never thought of stealing there before. This experience was the worst experience I have ever had.

Telling the doctor about terminating my pregnancy was a nightmare considering that I was fit health wise and could have delivered without any complication. It was shameful at first but with the help of my friend who encouraged me and supported me I opened up and told the doctors about my situation. The doctors approved of continuation of the process at a fee.

The medication and the aspiration method of abortion

The doctors asked me to choose between the medication and the aspiration method. It was my first time so I could not tell the difference between the two approaches. All I knew was that I needed to have the pregnancy terminated no matter the method used. Lucky enough, the doctor was lenient to explain to me how they work, the advantages and disadvantages of each. The aspiration method was terrifying though it seemed to be a good choice because I never wanted my parents to realize that something was going on with me. The method required a short period to get over, unlike the medication plan which involved taking medicines as prescribed by the doctors and the drugs also could make someone experience nausea.

After all the confusion I had experienced on choosing the method, I later decided to go through the aspiration abortion method considering that the process is done in the presence of the doctors. I was a little bit afraid to carry on the process because of the instruments used. I gathered courage and took the challenge. It did not take long before the process was over. It was painful although it disappears after a short while. The doctors gave me some pain relieving medicine to help.

The worst part of it was the bleeding which persisted for some days. The bleeding was so heavy with clots and intense cramps such that I almost wished I should not have done it. I started feeling that my parents could sense something and I asked for permission from them most of the times to visit my friend so that I could have some time away from them. I found some time and visited the doctors who gave me some medicines again and everything was back to normal at last. The abortion experience was one of the most challenging things and riskiest decisions I have ever made and I would not advise anyone to undergo the process. Although everything is back to normal, it is still fresh in my mind and it does not seem to disappear any sooner.

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