Essay Example: Nursing Practice Concerns and Issues

Published: 2022-11-22
Essay Example: Nursing Practice Concerns and Issues
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Healthcare is essential to everyone at some point in time; however, public health is a necessary concern to every individual all the time since it is centered at improving the quality of health of different individuals, families, population, and communities. Therefore public health works to improve and protect the health of individuals and families at the local, national and global level. According to Laurie Garrett, Pulitzer Prize-winning science journalist, in an ideal economy public health would entail the absence of diseases, safe water and food, clean air and well-informed individuals on public health matters (Baum, 2016). However, this has been a nightmare to achieve in most economies hence public health still experience some significant concerns and issues.

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Major Issues and Concerns

Physical activities and nutrition. Studies have shown that being physically engaged can help an individual to avoid contacting some of the diseases like cancer and related heart problems. Moreover, just like exercise, if an individual eating pattern is not recommended, he or she will develop health complications hence he or she is recommended to consume food rich in nutrients while avoiding food such as sweets and candy. Other concerns are maternal, newborn health, substance abuse involving high consumption of alcohol that deteriorates health, mental health concern, and injury and violence (Baum, 2016). Moreover, a global concern that has hit the nursing practice has been the concept of patient autonomy and ethics. This concept has brought controversy on whether the autonomy of the patient to decide his or her medications should respect or not. Moreover, it involves the consent of the patient being taken into consideration before any treatment can take place.

The Difference between the Impacts of Specific Diseases

Some of the specific diseases are a chronic disease which has caused health threats for both developed and developing countries. However, the consequences of such diseases are different in developed and developing countries. In developing countries, the rate of infection of these diseases will be high as compared to developed nations due to the high rate of poverty that may prevent the detection and treatment of such diseases before spreading widely to other regions (Harris, 2014). Moreover, developed countries will have active surveillance and various medical systems to act on the possible health threats of chronic diseases while developing countries will seek help and assistance from developed countries. Hence prevalence rate will be high in developing countries

Politics, Religion and Socioeconomic Impacts

Many individuals have believed in tales, politics, and religion that hinder the treatment of certain diseases. While economic factors like income can make one seek better medical attention, those who are hit by poverty are constrained to a limited range of healthcare services preventing them from better medical services. On the other hand, religion and politics can prevent specific health threat such as female circumcision through various campaigns while at the same time, constrict theirs follows through unethical beliefs. For instance, some religions are against blood transfusion yet it is an ethical issue that saves life.


Public health and nursing practice concerns and issues do not exist in a vacuum; they are issues involving high complexity that must adequately be addressed through various healthcare reforms. Notably, a straightforward solution does not always exist. Hence the multidimensional concerns require an inclusive global corporation, organization and different resources applied with genuine commitment and bold vision that will, in the long run, promote a good public health and various awareness campaigns.


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