Essay Example on the Implementation of Electronic Health Records

Published: 2019-10-31
Essay Example on the Implementation of Electronic Health Records
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How is electronic health records implemented in an institution? The purpose of this article is to answer the above question by providing two website sources and addressing various issues about the qualities of the source and also do website annotation of the two different website sources. According to Margaret Rouses blog in an electronic health record is a digitized and authenticated official health record of a person which can be shared within a health facility or multiple health agencies .. Such forms of records are very efficient, less bulky and cost effective. Their implementation is not a walk in the park hence the following two websites proved to be resourceful:

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The level of resourcefulness was measured by answering the following questions: What is the purpose of the content? Who is the intended audience? What kind of arguments and information is covered? What and how is the research presented? Are there further citations and what are the credentials of the authors? is a site that for the past 15 years has been freely availing research posts published by scientific scholars. They publish various quality peer-reviewed journals biology, clinical medicine and health. The target audience is scholars and all individuals who are in the biological and medical field. For this source, a systemic literature review article on electronic health record implementation in hospitals is presented. The three authors are business and economics consultants. The source is reliable going by the databases used for the article and effective as the information is easy to understand and is clear. The article is well cited and credible going by the mentioning of the authors locality, chronological mentioning of the specific dates of receipt, posting, acceptance and publishing of the article. On the other hand, is a collaborative website between American medical Association that articulates various issues and modules on healthcare circles. The author for this specific module in this site is a medical doctor presenting on ease of transition from paper to electronic records. The source is very objective as it is very detailed and reliable as it is evaluated by the American medical association professionals. It has a detailed step by step implementation process. The essay is well cited and explains the different points of views and implementation methods within an institution.

Regarding annotation, the presentation in the site proves to be resourceful. This is the case since it comprehensively addresses the issue of the framework on electronic health records implementation as the information is also very detailed. Through the information, it is evident to me that electronic systems is the way to go so as to reduce operational costs and improve on efficiency in health care facilities. One issue that it raises for me is the availability of the software systems and the cost implications on facilities especially those that are poorly funded. Compared to other sources, this source is very analytical.

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