Learning Essay Sample: Note-taking Strategies

Published: 2022-05-31
Learning Essay Sample: Note-taking Strategies
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Note taking strategy is one of the important skill that one should have in school or at work. There are things that one needs to look at when taking notes. The equipment required, such as a book and a pen is the priority. A laptop can also be a great note taking tool if one is a keyboarder. One should use the most convenient note-taking tools regarding speed. Secondly, notes should be short and direct to the point. It is important to put down the keywords that will be helpful when revisiting the notes later after class. One can also consider using abbreviation because it will save a lot of time and at the same time make one to still concentrate on whatever the instructor is saying instead of just writing. But there are some situations when the instructor is too fast which in that case one needs to ask him politely to slow down. In such a case pulling of resources would also be a good thing where one can consult other students on what he did not get. Using an outline strategy of taking notes is also effective because it saves time while at the same time giving one the opportunity to write the most important points. However, it is important to use indentation when showing the relationship between points.

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Technology and academic life

Technology is intensively used in learning in this internet era. There are various technologies that are used which include; course websites, online textbooks and even podcast where some instructors are producing audios and videos recording for the purpose of learning. All these forms sources of academic information, however, it is important to ensure that the information gotten is most relevant and authoritative;

Tips to sort through vast amounts of information on the web? How do you ensure you are finding authoritative information?

The Internet has a vast amount of information. It is therefore important to learn the best way to sort this information so as to get only the most relevant information. To make this possible the information to be searched needs to be put in question form. This phrase should also have the keywords. The keywords ensure that only the most relevant information will be retrieved. With all these information it is essential to ensure that the information gotten is authoritative. To make this possible one can consider using multiple sources where the sources that divert from others will indicate that they are not reliable. However, the most effective way is checking on the publishers or the sponsors. Those well-known publishers or institutions will mean that the information is reliable. For example, having an article from a renowned newspaper or even by a government body shows that the information contained is accurate hence reliable.

How to develop good study habits helpful in avoiding plagiarism in future studies or in the workplace?

Good study habit is helpful in future studies or careers because it helps in avoiding plagiarism. One is able to take notes in the most effective way possible by paraphrasing instead of copying and pasting the information directly. One is also able to use the most reliable internet source and cite the authors of the information using various citation and referencing styles. For example when perusing studies in future one is able to paraphrase the information he gets from various sources. Then at the end of the dissertation or thesis, there is a reference or biography page for all the information that was included in the project from other secondary sources. The same applies to various careers where any information from secondary sources is paraphrased and reference included.

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