Cheerleading Essay Example

Published: 2022-03-22
Cheerleading Essay Example
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Confessing to boredom is considered as a confession to a character flaw in most modern societies. Most students, unfortunately, do not know how to spend their free time and thus end up engaging in unproductive activities such as drug and substance use and watching television or playing video games all day. Popular culture is filled with advice on how people can kill boredom and engage in productive activities that help ease the stress in their lives. In my opinion, students should not be put up through tedious schedules that make them feel the need to use their free time just to unwind. I, therefore, decided to start the Rising Beyond the Heights project in Washington Heights district to help keep students engaged in an activity that not only helps them to unwind but also nurture dancing talents thereby building character and instilling integrity to the youths in the long run.

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As a middle school cheer coach, I have noticed that school playgrounds these days often seem anything but playful because their equipment has been designed to let children have a bit of fun to ensure that they are from injury. Not much has been done to lure the older children into the playing fields making them abandon the playfields for more fun activities such as messaging their friends or going through social media websites. One of the main reasons why I am advocating for the dance/cheer community is that it would be eligible for all the cheerleading teams in most school sports teams as it encourages team building. Dance and cheer is an effective way of connecting all the sports team members and the cheerleaders because every member of the squad would have a role to play while performing or training for competitions. For instance, the flexible squad member that get tossed in the air would need the rest of the squad to provide a safe landing for him or her. This helps to eliminate favoritism while encouraging a team building spirit that the students would be able to carry throughout their working life.

Most teams, such as the one I coach, do not attend competitions because there are no school squad cheerleading teams in Washington Heights District. The schools in the area should thus encourage the formation of dance and cheer teams and fund them to promote the cheerleading spirit that would easily rub off on other schools. Apart from encouraging fair competition among the participating teams, the dance and cheer squads protect the students from negative influences like drug use and abuse since they would be engrossed in school activities in their free time. Since cheerleading is a demanding activity that requires dedication, most students that take part would not have much free time to get bored. This would also decrease the likelihood of developing depression or anxiety since cheerleading is all about teamwork, thereby promoting inclusivity.

Most importantly, cheerleading helps to foster trust in one another especially when doing difficult stunts, thereby forging a strong connection between team members and to the school courtesy of the strong support system that ensues. This would help to build a strong sense of self-esteem even among the weakest members thus promoting the development of a strong social bond between the squad members and a lifelong friendship. Most importantly, cheerleading helps the student to maintain a healthy level of fitness because it is physically demanding. This helps to reduce instances of lifestyle diseases such as obesity while offering the students an opportunity to gain new skills and showcase them. Through team building, the students can be able to share and adopt innovative techniques that help to augment their skills.

I, therefore, encourage all the schools in Washington Heights District should thus offer their support for the Rising Beyond the Heights project, not only to raise awareness for the importance of having a dance/cheer community but also to make it popular across the United States and the rest of the world. Cheerleading would help all the students taking part to learn organizational skills, time management and stay physically and mentally fit.

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