Essay Sample: Disability in Education

Published: 2022-09-12
Essay Sample: Disability in Education
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Young people with disabilities face countless challenges which lead to their exclusion from school and society. The attitudes that people have toward children with disabilities and lack of resources to accommodate them are among challenges they face why trying to access education. Although lack of access to school seems like the main issue here, the education system inability to ensure quality education for children with disabilities should have an equal concern. Just like other departments such as the Convention on the Rights of the Child which are working to meet the learning needs of children, people are also working hard to ensure children with disabilities gets all essential sovereignties and human rights on an equal basis with others which entails lifelong learning.

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Every educator has learnt about handling disability while in college, for these studies have disciplinary homes in social science, humanities among many others. On the other hand, disability has become the main feature in every school business meeting. Educators, parents, and other involved parties are finding ways in which the education curriculum can facilitate children with disabilities without them feeling discriminated. However, to encourage a new understanding of disability without tampering with the traditional model, educators must go through new interdisciplinary studies in subfield of disability known as disability studies of education.

It has been a traditional norm in society to view disability as a medical condition. The historic reliance on the medical model hinders the delivery of services to students with disabilities for it has been a great obstacle to the application of educational insertion. But, according to Steinberg, S. (2010) in the article how do we begin a conversation on disability in urban education? he has given educators a reason to shift their focus from the medical model to the social systems. And thus, through this article educators can disentangle culture differences from the personal problems. Teachers also understand the importance of reframing inclusion through disability studies. A teacher should also build and maintain an efficient co-teaching relationship which includes building classrooms, community routines and procedures. Additionally, one should also implement the six co-teaching models and differentiate instructions for all students.

In the society that we live in people tend to think of disability as a loss. People assume that individuals born with disabilities or acquire it later on in life have something that is missing. However, as a teacher focusing on special education, one should not associate disability with deficiency for it will be difficult to see children as anything but damaged. Educators in disability studies should find a way to privilege the viewpoint of disabled young people. They should also include the questions of people living inside the experience about the multiplicity of the disability experience for a better understanding of the situation.

In conclusion, children living with disabilities face countless challenges such as being discriminated at school and also by society. Although every educator has learnt about disability in college, they require a new understanding of disability in education institutions which will not tamper with the traditional paradigm. For a long time, people have viewed disability as a medical condition, however, educators are advised to shift their focus from the medical model to the social systems. Additionally, society views disability as a loss; but a professional educator should not associate disability with lack. Instead one should find a way to make children living with the experience feel accepted and whole.


Steinberg, S. (2010). 19 urban questions. New York: Peter Lang.

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