Not That Kind of Girl: Critical Essay Outline, Free Example

Published: 2022-07-19
Not That Kind of Girl: Critical Essay Outline, Free Example
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In a world dominated by male chauvinism and gender disparity, the female dominion, as well as feminists have had a hard time advocating for the rights, and position of women in society. This has taken effect from the political point of view, social status and acceptability and in various other platforms, the literature and art world included. Women have for long been expected to get to certain limits, morally and linguistically, and attached on them strict rules, ethical conducts and moral values to abide by, as the ideal form of being female. Lena Dunham, a female author, actress and film director bridges between the gaps unfairly created by society, and goes to an extra length of combining her wits, guts, and audacity to show just how much of an evolution women have undergone in society. By ripping her heart open for every woman to conform to, Dunham represents a group of women who accept their imperfections, embrace their flaws, pick up the pieces and gather the strength and courage to face more challenges they are bound to encounter (Gay 2014). This paper, therefore, takes a keen interest, and an in-depth analysis of Dunham's literary work titled not that kind of girl; a young woman tells you what she has "learned" to fully explore the instances, circumstances, and scenarios that present the rejuvenation of women as well as maneuvering through the challenges they face by simply being women. The literary devices, incredible vocabulary, bold utilization of language and fearless expression of thoughts, feelings, and memories coupled up with her drive and motivation towards the girls, ladies, and women in society all point to the metamorphosis.

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Dunham creates an outline that revolves around the life of a typical woman, as can be depicted from her book chapters, love and sex, body, friendship, work, and the big picture. She, therefore, ensures she leaves no stone unturned, as she explores the issues and circumstances the each of the five domains of life she incorporates in her thinking.

The rape culture; a demon that has been eating through the fabric that holds women intact, physically, emotionally and psychologically, is- as expected- mentioned in her work, as she presents a universality yet modernity in the experiences and reactions of women who have gone through a similar path.

The self-blame, depreciated self-esteem and a sense of helplessness bring out the most typical response towards such injustice and shame. By coming out and painting the instances, every nasty detail accounted for, Dunham gets to every soul that has had such a misfortune and lightened up their burden.

The family is the most crucial unit in shaping up society, and Dunham seems to link her shortcomings to her flawed mother, yet attributes her financial awakening as her father's influence. Women are yet again depicted as the sources of their demise.

The insecurities of women range from the physical, emotional and even biological aspects. Health concerns are scary. However, she does not fail to mention infertility, the nightmare for any woman in society.


Gay Roxanne (2014). The audacity of voice. Color photographs. Vol 184 (13). Pp. 50-51

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